Flags Needed | Your Support Requested

A letter from local veteran and Fourth of July Committee member Jim Anderson on the lack of flying flags in South Pasadena

PHOTO: Cyndi Bemel | SouthPasadenan.com News | 4th of July Parade Festival of Balloons

I have lived in South Pasadena over thirty years and it has always made me a little sad and jealous when I travel through our neighboring cities and see “Old Glory” waving proudly on all the main streets.  As someone who served the public for almost forty years and the father of a Navy veteran, I feel we can do better.  Cities like Alhambra, Temple City, Monrovia, and Duarte not only have flags flying most of the year, but they also have banners honoring their service men and women.

I have served on the Fourth of July Committee for many years and I recall how we used to put flags up in May and then bring them down after Veterans’ Day.  With Public Works resources being limited, the city began leaving the flags up all year.  A couple years ago, the flags became so worn and tattered that people complained (and rightly so) that they should be taken down.  As “flag season” approaches, I think it is time to get new flags and put them up.  The city has no money in the budget for this.

In the past, the flags were purchased with “Fourth of July” money as well as money from the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.  The “Fourth Of July Committee” budget is strapped due to increasing costs of the fireworks show, as well as decreasing ticket sales.  Many years ago some of the City Council Members contributed some of their discretionary funds to help pay for the flags.  I would be willing to contribute to a fund to keep the flags flying and I’m sure other like-minded citizens would as well.

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If you agree, or have a suggestion that I haven’t thought of, please call and leave me a message at 626-441-4321.

~ Jim Anderson

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | SouthPasadenan.com | The South Pasadena Police Department was there for the presentation of the flags during the opening ceremonies.