Family Farm “Pomp” Provides Beautiful Roses at The Rose Bowl

Family farm in Bogota, Colombia has been providing roses for the Rose Bowl events for the past 12 years.

PHOTO: Juan Cadavid | South Pasadenan News | Ivette Harrouche, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer POMP Flowers at the family farm in Bogota, Colombia.

With its prestige and history The Rose Bowl continues to hold notoriety all over the world and get fans buzzing when it comes to the match-up. Prominently featured throughout all of the celebrations and ceremonies surrounding the game, are of course those beautiful, sumptuous roses! For these celebrations specifically, each of the blooms are hand-selected and come from Pomp, a family-owned rose farm in Colombia.

POMP ships close to 1,500 stems for different special events during the Rose Bowl: Team Arrival, Trophy Ceremony and Trophy Ring. After 13 weeks and a lot of TLC only the best of the best red roses are used for the Rose Bowl. Not every rose qualifies; each is hand-picked and must meet a specific head size and stem length to be part of the historic game.

PHOTO: Juan Cadavid | South Pasadenan News | Beautiful Pomp roses

These roses are lovingly cultivated at Passion Growers farms in the beautiful savanna of Bogota, Colombia. “Passion Roses is deeply committed to their employees and has been named the Great Place to Work and the Great Place to Work for Women,” says Ivette Harrouche, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer POMP Flowers. She tells us they are deeply committed to the Earth and their farms meet and exceed the highest industry standards for social and environmental responsibility.

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PHOTO: Pomp | South Pasadenan News | Pomp’s Sunpeak roses

The opportunity to work with the Rose Bowl came knocking in 2010 when Passion Growers, the wholesale division of Pomp, was contacted to discuss a partnership. The 2011 Rose Bowl was their first launch. “As for many Americans, the Rose Bowl is a traditional event whether you are at the stadium watching live or viewing at home,” says Harrouche. “We love to see families and friends gathered to enjoy the start of a New Year and we are so proud to see the players celebrating their victory with our beautiful roses. It is a true honor to see the trophy ring decorated with our gorgeous roses! We are blessed to have the opportunity to play a small part in the amazing Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl Game.”

With roses being the most recognized flower in the world and the national flower of the United State, Harrouche says “the best roses start with the best ingredients and our farms are located high in the Andes Mountains where sunshine is abundant all year round.” She goes on to say, “we value our associates who work at the farms whose work truly makes a difference in the quality of our roses. We are diligent in evaluating and selecting only the best varieties of roses – from planting in the soil and all the way to the retailer where they are sold, our driving force is that the person enjoying the roses in their home has a great experience.”

PHOTO: Pomp | South Pasadenan News | Pomp’s Va Va Voom roses

As for the exquisite arrangements Harrouche says, “we let our roses do the talking! Providing local designers with these large-headed roses makes it easy to design show-stopping pieces.” And show-stoppers they are as we’ve all seen at these Rose Bowl events. The roses are shipped directly from Pomp’s farms in Bogota straight to their California facility where quality is checked before they are then shipped to the Rose Bowl stadium where local florists create winning designs.

Pomp has also been the official rose provider for the Tony Awards for the past five years along with providing roses for clients worldwide. For more about their story and information visit