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Meet Concierge Event Planner Anne Bagasao of Partini

A recent Partini wedding at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

Partini! Don’t you love the name? It sounds like a fizzy, pink cocktail of a party that everyone wants to go to. The brainchild of local entrepreneur Anne Bagasao, Partini comes to the rescue of harried hosts everywhere who may want to throw an intimate backyard wedding, a festive dinner for twelve or a special birthday party but just don’t have the time, energy and let’s face it, connections, to make it all come together. Enter the concierge services of Partini, who not only bring years of expertise in the field but also an innate sense of style and pure fun that, well, makes you want to party with them!

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During her many years in event production and wedding consulting, Anne’s concept began to bubble up into the name Partini, “first of all I love martinis! So that, blended with the idea of scaled down soirees, the diminuitive of party…so Partini. It’s a little party, it’s a cocktail; in fact we’re working on what that signature cocktail should be,” she says with a twinkle in her eye, “we have our Partini tea blend for our tea parties, so yes, a cocktail is a must. Perhaps we’ll get a contest going with local bartenders.”

A whimsical welcome table greets wedding guests

Anne prides herself in organically knowing what her clients need at any given moment before, during and after their event. She explains that Partini’s boutique brand of consulting means “we’re specialized. We specialize in taking care of everything, top to bottom, with a certain je ne sais quoi that makes all the difference.” Partini handles any size gathering from small to large scale events, weddings, parties and intimate dinner parties.

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Anne expands, “even when it’s a large event, we know how to bring out those unique details that make it intimate and personal. I’m a perfectionist but I don’t like things to look perfect. I think everyone needs to have their personal mark on what they do and that’s one of the things I work with my clients a lot on is really getting to know who they are, bringing in their personal history and tastes.” She goes on to say, “I can read my clients’ style and we work together to bring it all together in a tasteful way. It’s my job to help them make their dream come true.”

THE shoes

One such dream was a recent glamorous bride who envisioned a fairytale, Cinderella at the ball moment but had no idea how to get there. It was a very big deal for this bride to have purchased her dream Christian Louboutin shoes and Anne took it to the next princess level by creating a Beauty and The Beast rose styled glass dome shoe display for the shoes, taking them out and placing them on the Bride’s feet just before she headed down the aisle! It ended up being the detail that the Bride cherished the most. Clients say Anne is able to take a client’s idea and crystallize it into a beautiful moment and then execute it all for them so they can simply enjoy their day.

Anne says you have to be excellent troubleshooters, “because things will arise and when they do, we are right there to handle them and often the host has no idea anything happened. I tell my clients, ‘something is going to go wrong but if I’m doing my job you’ll never know.’ We had two generators catch fire at the Arboretum and the bride never knew until the next day.”

Details of a Partini wedding
Another beautiful Partini cake table

Another beauty about Partini is that with so many years under her belt, Anne has come to know so many vendors that on every event she is working with a team of people she knows she can count on. She also explains that “even when we’re brought on after the vendors have been selected, we know how to work collaboratively with them, listen to them and make sure that everyone is on the same page and helping each other do the best job possible. But each team member has their piece of the picture to create. Our job is to be the glue that brings it all together; for example, at a recent wedding the photographer needed more time to get his shots at sunset so we needed to get the bride and groom to where they needed to be, then tell the caterer to hold 15 minutes as well as the DJ. It’s production management, really,” says Anne, “and when we do the full planning, the host has the benefit of all of our relationships and knows that everything is going to be smooth because I have been working with these people for years.”

All set for the Bride and Groom

For Partini’s concierge party services, Anne calls herself “a party secretary” because again, it’s all about putting it all together. “Someone may need to do a lovely and important dinner party but they will be out of town until the last minute and that’s where the relationships that I have really come in handy because I can pick up the phone and within a very short period of time, make something happen that works within a budget.”

PHOTO: Event planner Anne Bagasao of Partini with her daughter, Grace.

Anne tell us their client is anyone who loves a fun party, loves to entertain but simply may not have time to plan the perfect party.

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