Dads In The House For Fathers Follies

Always a fun night, Fathers Follies a big hit at SPMS

PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | The closing act was the ellusive purveyors of rock and roll, KISS

This beloved tradition that takes place each March at South Pasadena Middle School is always a lot of fun and always a touch emotional. Dads of all kinds from teacher Dads, to Uncles, Grandpas and administrators take to the stage to sing, dance, do skits, perform in bands, all to raise funds and give a whole lotta joy to their kids, not to mention their spouses.

PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | Weekend Update with Ron Buranasakorn and Erik Hilger

Every act was fantastic with local comedian, Vance Sanders, at the helm to add humor between acts and get the crowd going. The Dancing Dads were back, surprising everyone by starting their number from the audience and then doing a rousing dance routine to “Footloose”. Math teacher Dean McCoy’s Whiplash  was very popular with the crowd which included many students, past and present. Ron Buranasakorn and Erik Hilger performed a hilarious “Weekend Update” skit that had the crowd roaring.

PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | The Dancing Dads performed Footloose at Fathers Follies 2018

Another highlight that was not only fun but downright poignant was the Singing Dads performing “You’re Welcome” from Moana with adjusted middle school Dad lyrics and a drop the mic rap by Rich Fineza.  Singer Perry Li provided a lovely moment singing, “Perfect”, that was a crowd favorite. The band “The Residents” rocked the house as did comedian Gary Rollins and Brian Rathburn provided a scorching drum solo.

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PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | The Singing Dads performed a special version of “You’re Welcome” from Moana.

Closing the night was the surprise act of the mysterious, one and only rock and rollers, KISS! The crowd went absolutely wild!

Bravo to all the performers and to director Jean Zenas for another unforgettable Fathers Follies!