The app that knows what to eat, and right now you can try it free.

At this point during the Coronavirus pandemic, some five months-in or so, many are finding a daily major challenge: “What to eat?”

In the South Pasadena/Pasadena metro area there are more than 300 restaurants, over 15 grocery stores, and food deliveries from just about anywhere in L.A. via delivery apps like Uber Eats, & DoorDash.

So what’s the problem?

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Healthy menu planning under duress combined with a massive increase of time in front a computer parked at a desk.  This is an unavoidable product of COVID19 ‘lockdowns’ otherwise known as the ‘safer at home’ orders to flatten the curve, and slow the spread.

Well, many of us see a growing curve increase around the belly area and a rapidly growing spread where one would sit upon.  Not good.

What if there was a easy to use app that combined weight and health goals with optimum menu planning – easy and automatically?

Enter Simone Zienna & Austin Marks co-founders and developers of Meta Nutrition, the app that knows what to eat.  The app has already won an award from Product Hunt.

“Meta Nutrition was created to encourage individuals of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to realize their full health and fitness potential with minimum effort.”

Simone Zienna, Founder & CTO is a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer with a passion for nutrition and bodybuilding. He has also pursued a Computer Science degree at USC, and was able to successfully merge his passion and technical expertise together to bring to people an easy to use platform to maximize their diet and health no matter what their needs are.

Austin Marks, Co-Founder & CBDO has been a vegetarian and runner for over 8 years. He was constantly confused as to where to find reliable nutrition information. Austin saw a real world need for an app like Meta Nutrition.  His technical background in Computer Science drove him to build what he was looking for. His passion for health, and a vision to get this platform out to as many people as possible has been the inspiration behind bringing the Meta Nutrition app to life.  If he has his way, no one will ever be as confused about their dietary choices again.

In speaking in depth with Simone and Austin about how their tech can really help people, they offered this:

“Every year 300,000+ die from obesity and other conditions that can be prevented through simple and good nutrition. Our goal and dream is to bring you all a platform that can adapt to you and to all of your nutritional needs making you healthy, happy, and look great!”

Residing in South Pasadena, they’ve found themselves in the middle of an exciting launch of a very useful and easy to use health tool in the middle of a life-altering pandemic.

Authentic, brilliant, & brave; Meta Nutrition is worth your time to try – and the best part is it’s new and constantly being upgraded – the growth plans for the app are fantastic.

Want a prize for trying out Meta Nutrition?  Click here to signup for a free account and get a free teeshirt.  While supplies last: email The South Pasadenan to make your claim and we’ll get a shirt right out to you.

PHOTO: Meta Nutrition Austin Marks, Co-Founder & CBDO (left) & Simone Zienna Founder & CTO (right) with the South Pasadenan on Mission Street in South Pasadena