Congressional Hopeful Speaks at Kiwanis | Christian Daly Summarizes Future Plans

The young politician outlined his vision for becoming South Pasadena’s newest member of Congress during a talk on Wednesday, February, 12, at the local Kiwanis Club meeting

PHOTO: Kiwanis Club | News | Christian Daly hopes to win the 27th Congressional seat - he talked about his ambitions at a recent Kiwanis Club meeting in South Pasadena

He’s served as a district representative for the California State Assembly.

He was a deputy supervisor for the 5th District of the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.

In both assignments, Christian Daly was “the boots on the ground” guy, listening, helping and mostly caring as he worked to support families.

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It seems only natural that he would bring that same desire to a higher office. “Strong communities lead to strong cities,” explained Daly, who now has his eyes on California’s 27th Congressional seat, aiming to unseat incumbent Judy Chu. “Strong cities lead to a strong state. Strong states lead to a strong nation. It’s all connected! If the foundation of this nation and our families is not being supported — or worse, being neglected, deprived, or underserved by our government representatives — we are doing a disservice to our people.”

Daly, who is on the March 3 Primary ballot, wants your vote, as outlined in a campaign speech that was given Wednesday, February 12, at a South Pasadena Kiwanis Club meeting.

With roles in both the Senate and LA Board of Supervisors behind him, Daly is now putting himself in higher role where he believes he can make a difference.

“Public service should not be partisan, but this divide stretches from Washington D.C. to arguments at our own dining room tables,” he explains on his website. “When party politics get in the way, progress stalls and communities suffer. As an independent, I will help heal this divide and work together not for the good of a party, but for the future of the people I represent. It would be my privilege to be your agent of change, and bring in a new day to help solve the issues in the 27th Congressional District of California and our nation.”

Daly is the son of a Latin American immigrant, and a disabled veteran of the U.S. Army. His mother, born in the Southern United States, is a an educator and author.

“Service is the very foundation I was raised on, instilling in me a heart to serve and a desire to be a bridge for our communities,” he said. My “family has given much for me to be in the place I am today – and as much as I’ve been given, I seek to pour back. In many ways, I embody the American Dream of my generation.”

As presented on his website, Daly insists he will craft and support legislative solutions for economic equality that:

  • Creates jobsthat lead to careers that provide afair and living wage for mom, dad, and college grads.

▪ Creates new pipelines to employment that give students and budding professionals opportunities to earn a certificate in a professional field or to learn a valuable trade.​

▪ Extends a hand up for those looking to escape the cycle of poverty and to end their personal experience of homelessness to help them get on their feet and pursue a path of economic vitality and stability.​

▪ Returns America to its rich roots of economic vitality by supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovation.

▪ Better connects economic pioneers to capital and existing resources.

▪ Provides affordable housing and bolster homelessness prevention. Such legislation will restore the American Dream of working families to own their own home and will bring peace and security to seniors knowing that housing won’t be an issue to worry about.


Daly insists he will craft and support legislative solutions that:

▪ Ensures a quality education for all young people, preschool to 12th grade, regardless of zip code.​

▪ Affords the opportunity for higher education to those who pursue it. “A well-educated populace is a well-educated nation, and we need to compete worldwide to remain global innovators,” noted Daly.​

▪ Prevents young people from being debilitated by student loan debt.​

▪ Uplifts our primary and secondary school educators. They are tasked with one of the most important assignments in the nation; to prepare the next generation to be a success in their ascent to the places we stand today. Federal support should mirror the gravity of their responsibility.


Daly said he will work to support legislative solutions that:

▪ Ensure that the laws we have in place work equally for everyone who calls our nation home. Work to push criminal justice reform that guarantees that the legal system is balanced and equal in its practices.​

▪ Support our community and first responders in their shared desire for safe communities. “I will work on legislation that builds and repairs the bridge of trust between the two that will promote a shared respect and safer neighborhoods,” he said.

▪ Erase wage gaps, promotes wealth creation, and reduce the fiscal gap that persists in our nation.​

▪ Protect and improve the Affordable Care Act and continue the effort to ensure that the health and wellness of citizens are not out of reasonable reach.

▪ Provide free and fair practices of immigration reform and supports the young people who know this country as their home, even though they themselves are not recognized with citizenship.