Clean Power Alliance Dedicates $1 Million in COVID-19 Related Customer Relief

Impacted Residential and Small Business Customers Who Sign Up for Financial Assistance and Payment Plans Will Get Automatic Bill Credits

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | Mayor Pro Tem and CPA Board Chair, Diana Mahmud


In response to its customers facing financial challenges due to COVID-19, Clean Power Alliance is creating a $1 million program to provide automatic bill credits for those in need. On May 7th, Clean Power Alliance’s Board of Directors approved the $1 million bill assistance program for its COVID-19 impacted residential and small business customers who sign up for payment plans or state financial assistance programs through Southern California Edison (SCE).

Residential customers who recently lost their jobs or have reduced income due to COVID-19 can get extra help through a few options. Clean Power Alliance is encouraging its residential customers to sign up for newly streamlined state financial assistance programs including CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline that are administered by SCE, as well as SCE bill payment plans. Clean Power Alliance will give a one-time $25 bill credit to residential customers who sign up for CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline assistance on or after March 16. For customers already enrolled in these programs, Clean Power Alliance will also give them a one-time $25 bill credit if those customers sign up for a SCE payment plan on or after March 16.

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Small business customers who are facing cash flow issues due to COVID-19 can also get up to a one-year partial extension on their electricity payments. Clean Power Alliance will give a one-time $50 bill credit to small business customers who sign up for a payment plan through SCE on or after March 16.

Once the financial assistance enrollment or payment plans are set up, Clean Power Alliance will automatically apply the credit, as soon as the customer’s next electric bill. Customers receiving unemployment benefits or participating in the federal CARES program can be eligible for these bill assistance funds.

Clean Power Alliance will issue these COVID-19 relief bill credits on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are exhausted. Customers interested in signing up for a financial assistance program and/or payment plan should call SCE Customer Service today at 800-655-4555. More information is available on Clean Power Alliance’s website:

“We understand that choosing between rent, bills, and groceries or payroll is a situation no family or small business should have to face,” said Ted Bardacke, Executive Director, Clean Power Alliance. “We’re committed to supporting the most vulnerable in our communities and doing our part during this difficult time.”