City Treasurer Election | Ehrlich Concedes and Congratulates Tao

Provided by Alan Ehrlich

Although Los Angeles County has not completed its counting of all South Pasadena votes, Alan Ehrlich, candidate for South Pasadena City Treasurer, has conceded and called Zhen Tao to congratulate her on her win. As of Monday evening, Tao had received 4,097 votes, 65% and Ehrlich had received 2,179 votes, 35%. A week after the election, it’s estimated there are still 6,000 votes to be counted.

“Certainly, I am disappointed with the results, but I will continue to advocate for the benefit of all the residents and taxpayers living in South Pasadena. I believe there is an opportunity for the next treasurer to take on a more active role in providing financial analysis and advice on major city decisions.”

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One example of Ehrlich’s concern is the recent decision by the city council to enter into a $1.9 million lease with Enterprise for a new fleet of Tesla police vehicles without offering or obtaining bids from multiple vendors. “Without obtaining multiple bids, the City could be overpaying by tens of thousands of dollars, but we won’t ever know, because the council is not asking the question.” said Ehrlich. “The savings could have been put into funding and upgrading other city services.”

Up next for Ehrlich is the preparation for his new role with the international financial services unit of the American Red Cross. It’s a hybrid position where Ehrlich will work remotely in addition to visiting and providing direct support to American Red Cross field delegations around the world.