City Responds to Protests | City of South Pasadena

Local government gives statement regarding the past week's protests

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News | Protests continue in Downtown Los Angeles as well as other major cities in the country. June 2, 2020


The South Pasadena City Council wishes to make the following statement in response to the demonstrations occurring in cities across the US:

The City stands in solidarity in the fight against systems of racism and oppression. Although we are a small City, we are not immune to these injustices. Our strength derives from our partnerships and ability to work together to resolve conflict peacefully and influence change in our larger community.

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As a city that values diversity, we are committed to the promotion of social equity and inclusion in our community. In 2016, the City Council adopted a Resolution No. 7491, reaffirming this commitment to protecting the civil rights and liberties of all residents, fostering a positive dialogue and speaking against human injustices.

As elected officials we have an obligation to commit to and ensure that our ethnic and social diversities are respected and reflected in every service we provide in order to achieve ideals of equity and safety for all our residents.

We stand unified with the community in supporting peaceful protests against injustice. The issues before us are significant and should not be diminished by opportunistic acts of looting and destruction. These actions distract from the critically important conversations that need to take place in our country around racial violence and social and economic disparities. We are hopeful that by working together we can build healthier institutions that address discrimination faced by all persons of color.