City Launches Virtual Recreation Program | A Solution to Stir-Crazy Syndrome

Feeling cooped up and bored from the ‘Safer at Home’ mandate? Take public art tours, take up yoga, see the world through a variety of activities on your computer screen

The City of South Pasadena has got your back, recognizing thousands of residents are cooped up in their residences following the “Safer at Home” order from state and county officials in face of the novel coronavirus.

A new way of life for the community, finds many struggling what to do with their day as the pandemic has pushed them indoors.

Sheila Pautsch, the city’s community services director, might just have the perfect remedy in the new phenomenon sweeping the nation – virtual recreation, a local web page to do a multitude of activities at home.

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“Many cities have taken to virtual recreation to assist their residents in keeping busy during these crazy times,” explained Pautsch. “It is another resource for parents to keep the children busy as well as fit and we added videos for senior yoga and chair yoga.”

The new technology provides South Pasadenans with an opportunity to stay in shape – physically, emotionally and socially – as well as take an outing without leaving their home.

“There are links to local museums which have virtual tours,” said Pautsch. “We all need to be creative during these times.”

Through Google’s Arts & Culture feature, residents can visit museums and unique locations throughout the world including the Taj Mahal, the Guggenheim Museum and National Gallery of Art. Check out live cameras from the San Diego Zoo and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, make new discoveries with Bill Nye the Science Guy, read books through the Open Library, Play an online word search or Sudoko, get a workout through Silver Sneakers, learn how to knit or crochet, or solve some riddles with friends and family.

Oh, there’s so much more.

Give cooking a try, learn to play the piano, master casino and card games, take up calligraphy, grow an indoor garden, attempt to make homemade candles and view a stream from the International Space Station.

“We are fully committed to enhancing your quality of life and improving your health while utilizing the resources below to help provide an extraordinary experience,” wrote Pautsch on the City of South Pasadena website. “Our Virtual Recreation Center will bring many programs and resources right to your screen for you and your loved ones to utilize with the hope of making it easier for you to prioritize your health and well-being, in addition to having some fun!”

Residents can still get out, Pautsch noting that city parks are currently open. “But please remember social distancing needs to be adhered to. It will assist with stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus.’

Those who have links or activities they would like to provide for addition to this web page please email Anthony Berumen at

Head over to the Virtual Recreation and Resource Center to explore what is available. For more information contact Pautsch at (626) 403-7362.