Circus Comes to Town at Mamma’s Brick Oven

Music Video for Chauncey Bowers’ single from the upcoming album The Benefit of Doubt to be premiered at Wine & Song on March 30.

PHOTO: provided by Back 9 | The South Pasadenan | Singer songwriter Chauncey Bowers
PHOTO: provided by Back 9 | The South Pasadenan | Singer songwriter Chauncey Bowers

Singer-songwriter and human cannonball Chauncey Bowers warns of complications unless you “always wear a helmet,” as he chronicles an ill-fated triangle among the stars in a traveling circus.

When I was in the circus
I was shot from a cannon

I wore a little helmet so I was okay

The lady on the trapeze

She was an urge without mercy

But she was married to the strong man

So I just stayed away…

The new video produced by Deep Magic Song & Drawing Co. features a colorful cast of characters as well as Bowers who, prior to becoming a Harvard-educated molecular biologist, worked for a short time with the circus. His days running a research team at
City of Hope are behind him now as he has transitioned to his current role as traveling troubadour.

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His genre of acoustic singer-songwriter music has been referred to as ‘power-folk.’ In the video, Bowers sings from inside a canon wearing vintage headgear and goggles in preparation for blast off. Lisa Turner, his frequent harmony singer also appears. The mix of animation and live-action was created by Scott Feldmann — half of the Deep Magic
team along with empresario, Brad Colerick. This week’s Wine & Song show will feature Bowers and Turner in addition to Nashville duo, Wild Ponies.

Where: Mamma’s Tent 1007 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030
When: Wednesday, March 30, 6:30pm

Tickets? No tickets or reservations required, just a $15 suggested donation at the show

Helmets optional: but as Dr. Bowers says… we should all wear them.

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