Chalk Day for South Pasadena High School Seniors

SPHS Seniors participate in the tradition of Chalk Day to declare their college pride

PHOTO: Mateo Diez | | Anders Keith and Adam Fagensen DJ Noontime as seniors design their college symbols on the Tiger Patio

Friday May 4, 2018 was “Chalk Day” at South Pasadena High School. It’s a long held tradition wherein the Senior classmen convene on the Tiger Patio to create works of chalk art emblematic of the colleges they have committed to.

PHOTO: Mateo Diez | | Seniors gather on the Tiger Patio, many wearing their new school shirts for Chalk Day at SPHS

Principal Janet Anderson tells us she loves the relatively new tradition of Chalk Day, adding “I know that seniors were excited to learn how to represent their new schools graphically and in the correct school colors. I hope everyone paid attention to the vast array of schools people have chosen for next year so they remember that there are many choices and the right fit is key.”

PHOTO: Sophie Reynolds | | Seniors display their college pride on Chalk Day at SPHS

May 1 was the deadline for high school seniors to commit to the college of their choice. Offers may still be coming throughout May but for most, the big decision has finally been made. Any senior or parent of a senior will tell you it has been a very long haul with many hurdles to get through to arrive at this moment.

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PHOTO: Mateo Diez | | Adam Fagensen will be attending University of California Santa Barbara in the Fall

“I’m getting used to the idea that this is going to be my reality” said Anders Keith who is headed to Juilliard this Fall. He is the first at SPHS to be accepted into the prestigious acting program.

PHOTO: Mateo Diez | | Anders Keith shows Juilliard pride on Chalk Day

Sophie Reynolds will be attending University of Washington and said, “it was amazing to participate in a school tradition that I have watched previous seniors do each year. It feels crazy that it was finally our turn and it was so exciting to find out where everyone is going!” Of UW Reynolds says, “both the city and the school are a really great fit for me.”

We caught up with Cate Latting who said, “I am super excited to be attending Northeastern University in Boston,” going on to tell us she is “majoring in business with a focus on marketing.”

PHOTO: Cate Latting | Seniors Katie Chabot and Cate Latting will be attending Portland University and Northeastern University in the Fall

Emblems from across the nation blazed across the cement with crests from UCLA, USC, RISD, NYU, Cal, UW, Emory, CSU, University of Alabama, Arizona, UC Irvine, Case Western Reserve, Northeastern, Northwestern, Harvey Mudd, UC Berkeley, Cooper Union, University of San Francisco, Portland State and on and on!

Congratulations Tigers! May your Tiger Pride forever live in your hearts as you take on the new colors, new mascot and new adventures in college and beyond.