Ceremony Honors Fallen Officer | Remembering Kevin Sandoval 9 Years Later

Local police, fire department authorities, family and friends gathered in the courtyard at South Pasadena Hall last Sunday to honor of Officer Kevin Sandoval, who lost his life on June 14, 2011 in the line of duty during a training exercise at Burro Canyon Shooting Park in Azusa

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | 'Remembrance Day' for Officer Kevin Sandoval

Sorrow was felt among a small group of loved ones remembering Kevin Sandoval, a former South Pasadena police officer who lost his life nine years ago in the line of duty during a training exercise at Burro Canyon Shooting Park in Azusa.

A 3-year veteran of the department, fellow officers say Sandoval will always be remembered as a dedicated, compassionate and loyal to friends and family. A small group came together outside the police station at South Pasadena City Hall last Sunday for a moving ceremony to recall all the good he brought to the force.

Among those on hand to remember Sandoval were his parents, sisters and others who knew him well before he died June 14, 2011. The memorial included remarks and a prayer delivered by Chaplain Sam Park, who spoke of inspiration, healing and hope during challenging times in America, along with comments by South Pasadena Police Chief Ortiz, making a pledge to hold a memorial for Sandoval every year as a way to never forget the fallen officer.

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With concerns of the coronavirus the group maintained social distancing during the memorial service.

“For Kevin, it’s not goodbye, it’s ‘we will see you soon!’” offered Ortiz.