Cellist Emily Davidson Brings Her Talents to South Pasadena

New York native and concert cellist now teaching at Green Brooms Music Academy

PHOTO: courtesy of the artist | SouthPasadenan.com | Cellist Emily Davidson teaches classical cello at Green Brooms Music Academy in South Pasadena

Emily Davidson is a cellist and music historian who plays both cello and the baroque cello. Originally from New York, she freelanced in Boston from 2010-2017, and has recently relocated to Los Angeles.

She released her debut solo CD, BASS SOUNDS: Music for Unaccompanied Cello from the Early Baroque, in February 2013, and followed with BASS SOUNDS: Evolved in July 2014.

She brings her historical approach to new platforms, drawing a passionate following on YouTube and Instagram for classical music.

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As a teaching artist, Emily gives lectures on baroque music, historical string playing, and music history. Emily strives to foster a love for classical music in all her students.

Davidson was drawn to the cello because, as she tells us, “they say the cello is the instrument closest to the human voice, which is why I think so many people are drawn to the sound! By fostering strong technique and problem-solving skills, the cello can become an extension of your own musical voice.”

Teaching has become a very natural extension of her passion and she says her students always inspire, saying, “they surprise me with their musical ideas and ways they choose to interpret a piece of music. No two students ever play the same way!”

She goes on to say that indeed she teaches all classical and exclaims, “I love it! With nearly 300 years of music to choose from, I’m convinced everyone can find classical music that they love.”

Emily currently teaches at Green Brooms Music Academy and the time is now to give the cello a try! Green Brooms is offering a $20 lesson day with ALL proceeds going straight to South Pasadena Education Fund! It’s an all day event taking place on February 4. Find details here.