Car Flips Over in accident on Fremont Avenue

Vehicle flips upside down about five times, according to SPPD Corporal Craig Phillips, before coming to a rest.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier |

A vehicle headed southbound on Fremont Avenue reportedly flipped over about five times, hitting two parked cars in its path before finally coming to a rest in the 1500 block of Fremont Ave. Wednesday afternoon.

After the call came into South Pasadena Police Department’s Dispatch Center just before 3:30 p.m., officers and fire department officials rushed to the scene, finding debris, including window shield glass and car parts strewn about the normally heavily traveled roadway that was closed to through traffic between Rollin and Oak streets as the investigation was underway.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier |

The driver of the Toyota Camry involved in the accident along with two passengers were transported to a nearby hospital with only minor injuries, according to South Pasadena Police Department Corporal Craig Phillips. He said one passenger was ejected during the mishap.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier |

Employees from Holy Family Catholic Church, along with neighbors and bystanders, observed the wreckage after hearing the loud collision.

“It appears there was a medical issue with the driver,” said Phillips when asked about the cause of the accident. “He doesn’t remember much of how it happened.”

Philips said the driver and the passengers were all elderly individuals.

The two cars struck were parked on the west side of Fremont Avenue in front of the church.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier |
PHOTO: Bill Glazier |


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