UPDATE: California State Wildfires | Two South Pasadena Firefighters on Frontlines

One is at the Apple Fire in Riverside County while the second is in Northern California helping fight the July Complex Fire


Firefighters are facing rugged terrain and blustery conditions as they continue to fight the Apple Fire in the Morongo Valley.

Among those on the frontlines of the blaze in the San Bernardino National Forest is Daniel Dunn, a captain from the South Pasadena Fire Department. As of last Thursday, the Apple Fire was 30% contained, consuming 28,085 acres. Dunn has been assigned as a fire line paramedic.

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Fire officials say it started July 31 from a vehicle’s faulty exhaust before burning thousands of acres fueled by high winds and dry brush. Estimated to be contained by August 17, the fire has forced some residents from their homes over the past week.

Engineer Anthony Corrao, a second South Pasadena firefighter, is at the July Complex Fire in Redding and has also been assigned as a fire line paramedic. Firefighters have made substantial progress in recent days, nearly containing the fire that has consumed more than 80,000 acres.

“They are both doing very well,” said South Pasadena Fire Chief Paul Riddle when asked how the local firefighters are holding up under difficult situations.

Dunn and Corrao are assigned a 12-hour on and 12-hour off rotations. Riddle noted that Corrao may be released in the next few days and Dunn has no estimate on a release time.

The two South Pasadena firefighters can be deployed for up to 14 days but if the fire is under control they may be released sooner.

“As chief, I am extremely proud not only of Captain Dunn and Engineer Corrao but the entire Department for covering the station during their deployment,” said Riddle. “For the past several months, the fire department has been on the front line of treating suspected Covid-19 patients. Now with brushfires occurring, they continue to rise to the occasion, providing a high-level of service to the city and the region.”

August 4
Two South Pasadena firefighters are on the frontlines of a pair of major wildfires in the state this week.
Captain Dan Dunn has been assigned as a fire line paramedic at the Apple Fire which has burned nearly 30,000 acres in Riverside County.
Engineer Anthony Corrao is at the July Complex Fire in Redding, also assigned as a fire line paramedic.
The fire in the Modoc National Forest is nearly contained at 80,859 acres. The southwest edge of the fire is still active.
“Their role is to provide medical support on the actual fire line,” said South Pasadena Fire Chief Paul Riddle about the local firefighters’ efforts to help battle the blazes.