MONDAY MORNING: Robbery on Mission Street | Hodgson’s Antiques ‘Smash & Grab’

PHOTO: News | Hodgsons Antiques robbed early Monday Morning. Break-in and smash and grab. A significant amount of gold and silver jewelry stolen.

As reported by the shop owners to The News: At about 4:40am March 25th, 2019 – Monday morning, a person in a hooded sweater and jacket broke their way through the front doors into the lobby area shared by three businesses: Hodgson’s, Dual Crossroads, and Tea Morrow. Then, broke through the glass front door of the Hodgson’s Antiques Shop on Mission Street.

The robber smashed the glass display cases. Multiple trays of gold and silver jewelry were stolen, according to shop owners. The exact amount lost is still being inventoried by Peggy and Mick, the owners of Hodgson’s. “This is a devastating loss of significant value” stated Mick. “We’ve been here 50 years and have never seen anything like this….there’s glass everywhere.”

The person was recorded on security video by the neighboring business’s surveillance shown below.

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Jennifer Maimone, the owner of the neighboring, adjacent business ‘Dual Crossroads’, had security video running and made the recording available to the South Pasadena Police Department.

She reached out to the public asking for anyone who has information on the ‘Dual Crossroads’ instrgram account:

This story will be updated… check back as this story unfolds.




  1. Did they ever catch this scumbag? Has any of the jewelry been traced to any “fence” or jewelry store/pawn shop? Maybe SPPD should have an officer walk the beat on Mission on every shift.