UPDATED: Police Chase Through South Pasadena Saturday

Police Chase South Pasadena
PHOTO: Police blocked the intersection of Mission St. and Fremont Ave near the South Pasadena Police Station on Saturday. LAPD helicopter circles overhead, apparently having boxed in the suspect(s), ending a police chase thorough town.

UPDATE Thur 5-12-22 12:30pm: On Saturday May 7, two suspects were arrested in South Pasadena after a 15-minute police chase with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The pursuit started around 12:00pm, with multiple patrol cars barreling down Mission in pursuit of the suspects. Witnesses saw a helicopter hovering above.

The intersection between Mission and Fremont was blocked by LAPD and SPPD officers, hoping to stop the vehicle. Reports say the two suspects fled the vehicle, running down an alley before being stopped and arrested by LAPD Officers.

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The LAPD confirmed two male suspects have been detained and are facing charges. The driver is being charged with a felony for evading and the passenger for a probation violation.

UPDATE Mon 5-9-22 1:00pm: Officers cited the suspects as “armed and dangerous” after running the vehicle’s plate. Both suspects are still in custody. One suspect is being charged with Felony- Evading and the other for Probation Violation, according to the LAPD.

UPDATE Sat 4-3-22 4:00pm: The Los Angles Police Department confirmed 2 male suspects have been detained. The investigation is ongoing.

Reports say that the suspects fled the vehicle and ran through an alley before being stopped by police and arrested.

POLICE CHASE: Saturday about 12:15pm in South Pasadena

Multiple LAPD police units were seen flying down neighborhood streets at speeds estimated at 50 miles per hour engaged in a police chase. A Police helicopter was also above, in close pursuit.

The intersection of Mission and Fremont was blocked by a team South Pasadena Police and LAPD. The police helicopter circled above the South Pasadena Police Station on Mission for about 20 minutes.

Link to short video clip CLICK HERE

Details to follow…