NEWS UPDATE: Measure S Passes By Large Margin

Measure S proponents celebrate as positive results roll in

PHOTO: | School Board Members joined Members of the Yes on Measure S committee at Communal on Tuesday evening as results came in. L-R: School Board Member Julie Guilioni, School Board Member Suzie Abajian, Sean Abajian, Dean Serwin, Saida Studenmaier, Ittai Shadmon, Yuki Cutcheon, Jeff Rosenberg, Jean Zenas, Scott Moe, Ed Donnelly, Laura Morales, and School Board President Jon Primuth.

As of 10pm February 27, with 86% of expected votes in, Measure S is currently at 79.38% yes, which, by any metric is a huge victory.

Measure S renews a parcel tax, which proponents say will help maintain the city’s high quality public education by filling the state funding gap.

A passage by 66.7% of South Pasadena voters was needed to renew existing funding at the current rate of $386 per parcel over the next seven years, with annual adjustments for inflation not to exceed 3%.

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The tax funds teachers and school staff and supports academic programs in science, technology, engineering and math. Yes on Measure S campaign chairs say it will also maintain programs in music, visual and performing art, supports smaller class sizes, counselors, computer aides, library services, specialized instruction and more.

PHOTO: | Jon Primuth, Ed Donnelly, Yuki Cutcheon, John Au, Julian Petrillo, and Katie Nielsen celebrate at Communal.

Joining co-chairs of the Yes on Measure S campaign, Sara Shaffer and Saida Staudenmaier, was a core committee along with countless volunteers who phone banked, canvassed precincts, posted yard signs and shared letters to editors as well as strong social media efforts.

We caught up with them as they celebrated at Communal Tuesday evening as it became clear the measure had passed where the mood was festive to say the least. Said school board member Julie Guilioni, “we just want to thank the wonderful, generous people of South Pasadena for getting in and supporting our schools. This is amazing. I am so touched. This is the place to raise kids.”

PHOTO: | Sean Abajian, Peter Guilioni, Julie Guilioni, Suzie Abajian, and Jean Zenas share in a well deserved celebratory dinner.

SPMS PTA President and D.U.D.E.S. co-founder, Ed Donnelly, said confidently, “it’s really encouraging news so early in the night to hear that we are overwhelmingly positive majority with 79% of the vote so far. I would expect that even if every single outstanding vote came in no, we would still win so this is a major victory for the kids and the community here in South Pasadena.”

An ecstatic Saida Staudenmaier had this to say, “we’re obviously thrilled with the results; we put out the call and South Pasadena answered, like they always do, and I love this town and I love the support that we have. We did it for the kids but we also did it for our city because that’s why we’re here. We’re just so proud.”

Stay tuned for final results.

PHOTO: | The committee members relaxing as positive results come in