BREAKING NEWS: 2nd Earthquake 7.1 felt in South Pasadena – 140 miles away from epicenter

Second major earthquake in 48 hours hits Southern California, and felt as far as 200 miles away.

Earthquake: Did You Feel That?

Pub goers on mission street all noticed the hanging laps swinging as a confirmation that a second earthquake was rolling through.  Only a few patrons left their beers and stepped outside of the 120 year old building.

The quake occurred July 5th, 2019 near Ridgecrest California at approximately 8:20pm.

The long rolling quake lasted about 1 minute, and reports say it came in two waves back-to-back.

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Reports to the News came in as far as Big Bear – the quake was felt there – about 150 miles from the epicenter.  Big Bear is 6,750 feet in elevation in the San Bernardino Mountain range.

There are no known reports of damage in South Pasadena.

Information about the damage and possible needs of the public in Ridgecrest is still being gathered.  So far, the two biggest problems are the heat and structure fires.  Reports say power was lost for approximately 6,000 homes and businesses.