Black History Month

Honoring Carter G. Woodson, an American historian, author, journalist and recognized as the “Father of Black History”

Portrait of American historian and educator Carter Godwin Woodson (1875 – 1950).

February 1st marks the start of Black History Month while honoring Carter G. Woodson.

Over the years, Woodson has earned the distinction as the “Father of Black History.”

He was born in 1875 to former slaves and became the second African-American to earn a doctorate from Harvard.

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In addition, Woodson become one of the first scholars of African-American history. Woodson died in 1950.

Every year, month-long events are planned throughout the country to honor the history of African Americans. The 2018 theme for Black History Month is in “Times of War.” Brave African-American men and women who served in the military will be recognized throughout the month of February.