Band Camp Continues at SPHS

Bonds forged through a musical tradition at SPHS By Noah Hernandez

PHOTO: Sebastian Lopez | | SPHS students marching

Despite the summer’s increasing heat, students of the South Pasadena High School Marching Band and Color Guard are hard at work getting ready for their upcoming marching season.

PHOTO: Sebastian Lopez | | Mia Alva (center) leads a “Drill Down,” an activity which tests the mastery students hold on their marching techniques
PHOTO: Sebastian Lopez | | Students participate in a “Unity Game,” designed to strengthen student bonding

When asked what band camp is and why it’s important, Mia Alva, current drum major explained, “Band camp to me is a place to reconnect with band buddies and make new ones. It’s a place to learn and get hard work done in the hot hours of the day. It’s important because this is the time we teach/review marching styles and our pep songs. Also to get a kick into our next field show. We like to give newcomers and freshmen a piece of what we do and why we do it!”

PHOTO: Sebastian Lopez | | SPHS students prepare to march

Students spend a total of nine hours a day, Monday through Friday, for two weeks, learning different marching techniques. They also spend the time learning different stretching routines, as well as memorizing an array of music, all building on the foundation of student bonding. Many would consider band a second family. Here their connections begin.

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PHOTO: Sebastian Lopez | | SPHS students stretching

In the next few months, the band will use the information learned at camp to play pep songs at various school events, march their field show at home football games, and compete in multiple marching band competitions. The Color Guard will accompany the band, providing an essential visual element to their show.

PHOTO: Sebastian Lopez | | Parents of band members, essential in helping the organization run smoothly