Back To School Safety

South Pasadena Police Department officials provide tips as local schools are set to open Thursday

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | South Pasadena Police Department

Summer vacation is almost over and school is set to start on Thursday. Local police officers are reminding motorists that traffic congestion is about to increase around South Pasadena’s schools five public schools and Holy Family, a private institution.
Drivers, parents and children will all have to be cautious around schools, noted Richard Lee, an officer with the South Pasadena Police Department.

Here are some safety tips from Lee to remember:
• Do not double-park to drop off/pick-up your children. • Remember it is illegal and unsafe to make “u-turns” in school zones.

• Obey crossing guards and traffic laws.

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• Remind children not to walk alone and not to talk to, or accept rides from strangers.

• Be sure your children know how to contact you in case of an emergency.

• Have a password that only you and your child knows, in case anyone poses as a relative.

• Consider taking a photo of your child with your cell phone each morning so you have a current photo and clothing worn for the day.

• Children should know where the nearest “Emergency Call Boxes” are located on their route to and from school. Call boxes can be identified by their blue light at the top of a red pole. These phones connect directly to the police department.