Authentic. Mystical. Unique. | Come See Santa Fe Crafts During the Arts Crawl

Santa Fe Crafts Gallery open for the arts crawl on 1123 Mission St

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | Santa Fe Crafts | News |

Unique and gorgeous doesn’t come close to the tremendous display of all kinds of contemporary and historic Native American Indian works that are at Santa Fe Crafts on Mission.

Rare Kachina dolls, woven Plaques, and intricately detailed Hopi jewelry are just a few things amongst the vast amount of items to be seen.

You’re sure to find an amazing, unforgettable gift. John and Barbara have guided several trips to the Hopi Indian Reservation and other locales throughout the Southwest and Northwest Coast over the years. They’re the real deal with years of in-depth knowledge.

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PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | Santa Fe Crafts | News |

Make sure to stop by a take a look during the Arts Crawl!

1123 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030