Arroyo Vista’s 5th Grade Promotion | We’re on Top of the World!

Presenting Arroyo Vista Elementary’s graduating class of 2017!

It was an unusually crisp morning on Thursday as teachers, administrators, friends and families began gathering for Arroyo Vista Elementary School’s 5th grade promotion. Anticipation grew as Ms. Coughlin led the 5th grade band to appreciative applause. Tears, pride and cheers began flowing through the courtyard as the graduates marched forward, two by two, to the strains of “Best Day of My Life”.

Following the flag salute, several Arroyo Vista 5th graders shared memories of their years at AV which was followed by what has become a tradition; the singing of the tune “We Love AV” with lyrics by David Plenn to the song “We Love LA”. The students’ joy was infectious as they shouted “We LOVE it!!”

“We love AV, We LOVE it!”

Jack Pestana and Colette Carbonara presented the class gift which will be glass cupboards for flyers on the front lawn in order to keep the community informed of all the great things happening at AV.

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Madeline Ramirez and Elsie Waters gave reflections on friendship which was followed by the class singing “Friends” by Elton John. There were heartfelt and sometimes funny tributes to the parents which evoked both tears and laughter – packing those daily lunches may soon be in the past!

I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the place when the class sang the song dedicated to the parents, the original song by David Plenn, “You Were The One.”

Yunah Chung and Sofia Enriquez spoke about the bell ringing accompanied by a dozen ukulele players, six bell ringers and were joined by Daniel Shojaie, Kira Subject, Bella Vasquez, Winter Lopez and Mia Holden.

Closing remarks and messages of encouragement and inspiration were the given by Principal Cheryl Busick, who reminded everyone that this was her first class she has seen from Kindergarten through 5th grade. She then proceeded to hand out the promotion certificates to much individual cheering for each wonderful graduate.

Arroyo Vista 5th graders singing “We’re on Top of the World!”

The Class of 2017 closed out the ceremony with an inspiring rendition of “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons and marched back down the aisle to their waiting families for lots of hugs and photos.

A warm congratulations to all the graduating 5th graders. Welcome to SPMS! You got this!