Arroyo Park Trail Opening Delayed

Protective covering project for the Arroyo Seco Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail expected to be completed by August 10

FILE PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | FILE PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Arroy Seco Golf Course driving range

Opening of the Arroyo Seco Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail in Arroyo Park in South Pasadena has been delayed.

Official use of the new pathway has been delayed until August 10 when a new net covering over the portion running outside the Arroyo Seco Golf Course driving range has been installed.

The trail, designed for walkers, joggers and cycists, has been pushed back two weeks later than originally projected following concerns by the local City Council than wayward golf balls hit from the driving range could fall on individuals making use of the trail.

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The council wanted to open the trail back in February before concerns of safety prompted new measures. The path runs nearly three quarters of a mile in Arroyo Park, starting at the edge of the Arroyo Seco Racquet Center, past a three-par golf course, including its driving range, toward the Los Angeles border.

“We discovered that there were golf balls flying over the net more that we anticipated,” explained South Pasadena City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe earlier this year.

A combination of funding sources paid for the trail with grant funds being the main contributor.