To take place Saturday November 3, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.


The year in review, Election of the board, Commission and City Council Updates and a chance for members to share ideas for next year. Also, we will be introducing our new interim Police Chief Brian Solinsky.

This is the last meeting of the year so be sure to come and connect with fellow WISPPA members.

Meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. See attached agenda

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Come at 9:00 a.m. for conversation and refreshments.
(Also attached are the minutes for the October 6th meeting)

1102 Oxley Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(Parking on the street – be sure to watch signs and park where there is 3 or 4 hour parking)


November 3, 2018

9:00 a.m. Conversation & Refreshments
9:30 a.m. Business Meeting
11:00 Adjournment

MEETING LOCATION: South Pasadena Senior Center 1102 Oxley Street

I. Call to Order (9:30)

II. Introduction of New or Prospective Members and Guests (9:30)

III. Introduction of Interim Police Chief – Brian Solinsky – (9:35) Bianca Richards

IV. Old Business (9:40)

a. Approve Minutes October 6, 2018 meeting – Bianca
b. Year in Review – Betty Emirhanian

V. New Business (9:45)

a. Conversation about WISPPA’s direction in 2019 – Bianca & membership
b. 2019 Budget – Lela Bissner and Betty Emirhanian
c. Change approval limits for President and Executive Board:
i. Current: President – $50 Proposed $75
ii. Current Board – $150 Proposed $250

VI. Reports (10:15) –Suggest 3 – 5 minutes each plus questions/comments
a. Commission Updates – South Pas Commission members
b. City Council Liaison Report – Bianca
c. Miscellaneous other reports & updates

VII. Results of election of WISPPA Board (10:55) – Janet Braun

VIII. Membership Comments, Announcements and Adjournment (11:00)

Next Meeting: Saturday, January 5 – NO MEETING IN DECEMBER


Minutes: October 6, 2018

MEETING LOCATION: South Pasadena Senior Center 1102 Oxley Street

ATTENDEES: Barbara Sinclair, Sean Abajian, Suzie Abajian, Lynda Sullivan, Gary Pia, Howard Spector, Betty Emirhanian, Kim Hughes, Bianca Richards, Gretchen Robinette, Stepanie Cao*, Zahir Robb*, Martin Ablornoz*, Grace Kung*, Vicky Bartlett, Eleanor Stuzenacker, Diane Larson, Julie Giuliani, Janee Hanibble, Sally Kilby, Yvonne Cronin*, T. Nelson*, Kelly Koldus, Gloria Kilian, Paul Kilian, Ellen Wood, Debra Beadle,
John Podlenski*, Michele Kipke, Linda Mendoza*, Alan Jatyn*, Janet Braun, Diana Mahmud, Dick Helgeson, Becky Thompson, Mark Dreskin*

I. Call to Order – Bianca Richards called the meeting to order at 9:31

II. Bianca Richards acknowledged the new members and guests. See asterisks next to names above.

III. The minutes of September 8, were approved. Betty Emirhanian moved to approve and Barbara Sinclair seconded.

IV. New Business: Janet Braun presented the slate for WISPPA executive board positions for

President: Betty Emirhanian
Vice President: Ellen Wood
Past President: Bianca Richards
Founding Advisor: Ellen Daigle
Treasurer: Lela Bissner
Secretary: Judith Harris
Membership chair: Dollie Chapman

V. Reports: no reports this month

VI. League of Women Voters: “JUST THE FACTS – California State Proposition Pros and Cons” Speakers, Felicia Williams and Marna Cornell presented information on the measures including background, fiscal effects and who’s spending money on both sides. WISPPA member Diana Mahmud filled us in on Measure M. The LWV has on online guide – Voter’s Edge – where you can find in-depth information about what’s on your ballot. Just use your address to get a personalized ballot and in-depth info on candidates, measures, and who supports them.

VII. Adjournment at 11:15

Next Meeting: Saturday, November 3. WISPPA elections and business meeting