Adjusting to COVID-19 ‘Stay-at-Home’ | Community Members Share Their Daily Life

Homebound, self-quarantined, South Pasadena residents were asked how they are spending their day, as the world takes on the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic

PHOTO: Provided by Tracey Macrum | News | Longtime resident Tracy Macrum, a realtor with Compass, starts her day with a 9 a.m. Zoom meeting, joined by her “lovely team members,” as she describes them – Megan Ferrell and Elga Kazanci

The upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic is everywhere.

During these unsettling times as COVID-19 impacts personal and professional lives, some South Pasadenans were asked how they are coping and spending their time while they remain homebound for much of their day through this difficult period.

Longtime resident Tracy Macrum, a realtor with Compass, starts her day with a 9 a.m. Zoom meeting, joined by her “lovely team members,” as she describes them – Megan Ferrell and Elga Kazanci.

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That sets the pace and keeps me on schedule to do the many real estate things I’m able to do from home, which thankfully includes talking to other people,” explained Macrum.

Away from her job, she spends her time cooking, cleaning, walking, reading, eating, going through memorabilia, and turning to television to watch “something indulgent.”

Many have said, “We’ll get through this together,” while a new commentator was heard to say: “We know things were bad. We’re just happy they are not worse.”

Others in the community talked about how they are spending their day:

“My business like so many others is closed. I have been spending a few hours each day making sure bills are paid and caring for any potential business requests. But it has been a very peaceful and enjoyable time to work in our garden and take long walks while spending time together with [my wife] Peggy. For this and for good heath I am grateful.”

– John Vandercook, Reimagine Your Home


“ I’m still preparing for and participating in meetings of City Council, Clean Power Alliance and the SGV Council of Governments, and trying to stay abreast of Covid developments. I’m compensating for the loss of my fitness classes by taking longer walks and one of my Zumba instructors is kind enough to continue his classes on Zoom – shout out to TsuJit! I’m definitely enjoying having some additional time in my garden, and cooking more.”

– Diana Mahmud, South Pasadena City Council Member


“Writing from home office has given me a chance to produce more features and retrospective columns for our Dodgers Insider blog. And my days now include gratitude for the countless aspects of life that before I took for granted.”

– Mark Langill, Dodgers Historian


“Worried sick about our business playing gin, Canister, Monopoly…planted a vegetable garden and enjoying my husband.”

– Ellen Daigle, Owner of Ellen’s Silkscreening


“While Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down, I’ve been inspired to find new ways to help my violin students. Through Zooming, texting, YouTubing, emailing, Skyping, Face-timing, and WhatsApp, I now get to see by students from every angle.”

– Susan Pascale, Pascale Music Institute


“In between the teleconferences on the COVID-19, learning the ever-changing nuisances on the pandemic, and preparing messages for our community, I have been able to read a few books, put together some puzzles with my grandfather, and go for long walks with my bride.”

– Joe Ortiz, South Pasadena Police Chief


“A large chunk of my time has been spent working with SPUSD on the new Independent Study Distance Learning Program. I have really enjoyed reconnecting online with my SPHS student interns. Also, I feel lucky that my whole family is home. We spend a lot of time together cooking, playing games and walking our dogs around the neighborhood.”

– Andrea Fox, SPUSD Communications Strategist/Internship Specialist


“Our new favorite activity is putting together puzzles. We are also enjoying the new normal, zoom gatherings to stay in touch with friends. Lastly we are getting caught up on overstock of wine.”

– Brant Dunlap, President of South Pasadena Tournament of Roses


“Like everyone else, I’ve been adjusting to a rapidly changing set of circumstances and routines with work and home life. Visits with grandparents are on Zoom now to keep them safe. We had a remote Passover Seder with our extended family over Zoom; it was good to connect with everyone and talk about the parallels of our current experience with hardships the people have faced and gotten through together in the past. Mark and I appreciate the extra time we have with Sofie and Max, who are doing online schooling from home. We’re spending a lot more time in the kitchen with food prep and cleaning; I’ve been experimenting with quick prep, simple recipes with a few fresh ingredients like Farmer’s Market carrots, potatoes, and chicken sausages grilled on a skillet. I’ve been walking in my neighborhood for exercise on most days. Of course I’m careful to distance and wear a mask.”

– Marina Khubesrian, South Pasadena City Council Member


“Sean and I are juggling the demands of working from home and taking care of our newborn daughter. We are grateful for all the essential workers who are putting their lives on the line every day. We are also proud of our district leadership and teachers who are meeting the moment in these unprecedented times by continuing to provide meaningful learning experiences for our students.”

– Suzie Abajian, SPUSD Board of Education Member