Stolen Cars on the Rise

Richard Lee, the South Pasadena Police Department’s crime prevention officer, said 10 cars were stolen in the city during the month of March News | Officers of the South Pasadena Police Department have listed last year's most stolen autos

Despite the modern anti-vehicle theft devices incorporated into todays cars, South Pasadena Police Department officials say there has been a rise in vehicle thefts throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

According to SPPD Crime Prevention Officer Richard Lee, there were 10 vehicle thefts in South Pasadena during April, with the majority being mid to late 1990 vehicles.

“Pickup trucks continue to be a popular vehicle stolen along with Toyota Camrys and Honda Civics,” said Lee.

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Lee said vehicles parked on the street continue to be the most popular places where vehicles are stolen, followed by parking lots and carports.

He explained that vehicles stolen in the city appear to be for “joyriding purposes” as they are sometimes recovered fully intact.

“If the thief is unable to steal the car, they will take items from inside the vehicle, i.e., loose change, sunglasses,” explained Lee.

Here are some tips from Lee to protect your vehicle from being stolen:

  •  Always lock your vehicle and keep the windows rolled up.
  •  Don’t leave spare keys in your vehicle.
  •  Park in well-lit areas.
  •  Keep valuables out of plain view.
  •  Consider using anti-theft devices like steering wheel locks, LoJack and car alarms.