SOLO STORIES: Six Women, Six Lives, Six Stories | The Morgan-Wixson Theatre

One-Woman Shows Curated by Mirai Booth-Ong at The Morgan-Wixson Theatre through July

The Morgan-Wixson Theatre is excited to virtually present six dynamic, moving, and engaging one-woman shows on six Saturday nights at 8pm over the next six months. Each writer/actor’s show is based on their true life, and the series as a whole explores themes of family, identity, race, and forgiveness. MWT Board Member Mirai Booth-Ong curated the series to showcase excellence in storytelling and the diversity of the female experience. South Pasadena audiences have come to know Mirai through her performances at Young Stars Theatre as well as her contributions as choreographer and director.

There will also be a talkback with the artist following each performance. This is a ticketed event. One ticket is good for a Zoom link for an entire household to view the show live. All 6 shows $100 ($75 for MWT members) Each individual show $20 ($15 for MWT members) Tickets are available on the Morgan-Wixson’s website at

My Brooklyn Hamlet” by Brenda Adelman kicks off the series on February 20 at 8pm with an encore showing Saturday February 27 at 1pm.

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Her mother was shot. Her father was jailed…and then he married her aunt. This is Brenda Adelman’s one-woman show, based on her life story, and the power of forgiving the unforgivable.

“To watch it unfold is gripping, emotionally draining and uplifting…All the time there is the echo of that fatal gunshot ringing in our ears, and the knowledge that this is real, and these things really happened to the woman standing just a few feet away…stranger than fiction… (My Brooklyn Hamlet) plays on the parallels with Hamlet – in which Claudius murders the hero’s father and marries his mother. The key difference is that while Hamlet is bent on revenge, Adelman ultimately sought to forgive her father…. If any kind of remarkable twist were needed for such a story, that is it.” —John Jeffay, The Carriageworks, Leeds

TALES OF MODERN MOTHERHOOD (part 2) Gender and Identity…this sh*t just TRANSformed” by Pam Levin –  March 20 at 8pm.

From its Off-Broadway World Premiere, to a sold-out run in Los Angeles, Pick of the Weekend on Better Lemons, voted “Doublesweet” and “Best of the Fest 2020” at the Whitefire Theatre… “TALES OF MODERN MOTHERHOOD (part 2) Gender and Identity…this sh*t just TRANSformed”  is thrilled to be part of this new series at the Morgan Wixson Theatre. Welcome to the modern world of parenting. This is Pam Levin’s story of a loving parent whose 5-year-old plays with boys, dresses like a boy, and now at age 8 is ready to commit to being a boy. It’s a journey of a parent trying to uncover the gender that fits her kid best, while navigating these uncharted waters with zero tools in her tool belt! This is a continuation of the original Tales of Modern Motherhood, focusing on the lunacy, fear, labeling and unconditional love, however, you do NOT have to have seen “part 1” to appreciate this NEW chapter. This is an extremely personal, funny, challenging, honest and hopeful story about the human condition focusing on gender and identity.

“This show is exquisitely and artfully written and performed. After all, it’s when art is at its most personal that it can be its most powerful and transcendent. And you really can’t get much more personal than this. But that’s Pam Levin for you — open and brave and beautifully bold.” —Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NoHo Arts District

There is No “I” in NDN” by Jennifer Bobiwash –  April 17 at 8pm.

A hilarious and probing look at what it means to be a modern NDN (Native Indian). With the legacy of a Chief to live up to, how can one ndn princess wannabe reconcile her life and heritage? With the help of a long lost friend, Wanda works through her quest to discover just what an Indian is! There is no ‘I’ in NDN was featured at the 2015 Native Voices New Play Festival and the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival. The play was also workshopped as part of Jennifer’s Thurgood Marshall residency at UCSD.

Home” by Nancy Ma –  May 15 at 8pm

“ Home” is the story about a girl from Chinatown New York with wild dreams and a wild family that never stops reminding her of where she comes from. Laugh with Uncle Chet. Hope with Joyce. Cry with her Mama and rage with her Baba. Let’s make our way back home.

“RECOMMENDED… Stage Raw Top 10… Exceptional… What Ma captures so eloquently is the difficulty of being a first-generation American, especially in a family that speaks little English and observes old-world customs.” — Stephen Fife, Stage Raw

“Real, raw, and vulnerable.” — Jill Weinlein, On Stage

Title to be announced for June 19

Mommy Monster” by April Wish –  July 17 at 8pm

April Wish’s second solo show is shrouded in dandelions, smothered in butterfly kisses and buried in laundry. Written while parenting through a pandemic, the work explores the complexities of sibling relationships and the impossibility of perfection while asking: how do you raise a good, kind, gentle boy in a world – in a country – that isn’t always good or kind… and is never gentle?

“April Wish has a way of telling her own particular story in such a way that feels bold and fresh and new. She is brutally honest but also sweetly and intensely lovable. April writes so beautifully that we are laughing and crying and empathizing and shocked all in the same breath. Her candor and her joyous abandon are intoxicating.  It’s funny, touching, unique, riveting and very, very important.” —Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NoHo Arts

“A moving, dynamic examination of motherhood past and present… Raw, honest and often hilarious… Full of emotion and power.” —Mary Mallory, The Tolucan Times

Solo Stories” will stream every third Saturday of the month. Tickets are $20 per household ($15 for members) or all six shows for $100 ($75 for members) Tickets are available at or by calling the Box office 310.828.7519. You may follow The Morgan Wixson on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram @morganwixson