Sierra Madre Playhouse | The Camera Is Ours

Silent Film & Live Music Events August 26 and 27

In honor of the 103rd anniversary of women earning the right to vote, Sierra Madre Playhouse presents The Camera Is Ours Silent Film Festival!

As a complement to the presentation of the World Premiere live stage musical The Right Is Ours! (September 8 – October 8, 2023) about women winning the right to vote, Sierra Madre Playhouse will present The Camera Is Ours, a two-day silent film festival of 5 events from August 26-27 featuring films before and after the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment — coinciding also with the 103rd anniversary of the passage of the right for women to vote (August 26, 1920). It’s a weekend of silent film fun at Sierra Madre Playhouse, which began life as a silent film venue on February 2, 1924!

All five events will be introduced by silent film expert Lara Gabrielle and feature live piano accompaniment by concert pianist Frederick Hodges, who will also be underscoring all of the silent films presented throughout the festival.

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Purchase individual tickets to any of the other silent film festival events separately, or save when purchasing tickets to 3 of or all 5 of the events at once (with the The Camera Is Ours 3-Events and 5-Events Passes)!