PTA Council | A Message From Saida Staudenmaier

PHOTO: provided by Saida Staudenmaier | The South Pasadenan | PTA Council President 2023-24, Saida Staudenmaier.

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year. It is my honor to be your PTA Council President. At PTA Council, we serve to provide support and guidance to every school site PTA so that our community of contribution continues to thrive and support our children, teachers, and administrators.

PHOTO: Anna Fratto | The South Pasadenan News | SPUSD

This year, the PTA Council will lead a Wellness Initiative that will partner with all five of our school PTA’s through programs, education, and resources. This linear and scaffolded approach aims to be measurable and sustainable. Our volunteers are visionaries. We are also partners to those we work with every day aiming to make this district the best for everyone. To all of those that are serving in our community in all capacities, I thank you. It takes all of YOU to make South Pasadena the unique community that WE are. To our Volunteers, I offer three things:

– KINDNESS: As we hustle through drop off, getting our kids to the next practice, fitting another meeting into an already packed schedule, and any number of things in an already packed schedule, I offer you kindness. We don’t know how someone else’s day is going. Take a beat. Offer a simple compliment. Give the benefit of the doubt. Ask an emotionally curious question. Kindness costs us nothing and is the best way to diffuse an escalating situation. We model for our kids. Let’s be kind. Give me your smile, and I’ll smile back.

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– GRATITUDE: Say thank you. Show your appreciation every day. We are all going through it. But we have been through so much that we can at least be grateful for where we are. We can show that gratitude. We can model our kids some gratitude. We can express gratitude to those that are lending us a hand. To everyone helping out, thank you for all that you do. It’s not how much you do. Just showing up is really important and I thank you.

– EMPATHY: I don’t know what you are going through right now. You don’t know my story either. We can both lend a hand in our own way. It’s not a competition. I’m glad we are here together. I am lucky to serve alongside you. I’ve met amazing people on my journey of service. We give what we can when we are able. I may not “get it”, but I can serve with you, smile, and say thank you. We are South Pas.

Thank you for your service. Stay Gold.

PHOTO: provided by Saida Staudenmaier | The South Pasadenan | PTA Council President 2023-24, Saida Staudenmaier.