Fire in Arroyo

SPFD responds to a brush fire in the Arroyo

PHOTO: Angelo Luchi | | South Pasadena Fire Department respond to a brush fire call in the Arroyo

South Pasadena Fire Department along with San Marino Fire Department responded to a call on a brush fire in the Arroyo. A South Pasadena Police officer stated that it was a possible arson fire.

A call came in at SPFD at 9:50pm on Monday October 23 and Fire was dispatched one minute and 20 seconds after the call. SPPD was first on scene after tracking down the fire which was initially reported to be at the golf course but was eventually located at the 1000 block of Arroyo.

Captain Daniel Dunn, with SPFD for 13 years, tells us “the severity of the fire was a 15 foot by 15 foot brush fire that was starting to catch an Edison pole on fire. The person who called it in said they heard people in the brush before they saw the fire.”

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San Marino is the arson investigator for South Pasadena and will be handling the investigation. They are actively investigating the cause and can’t answer to that yet.


PHOTO: Angelo Luchi |

Fire Chief Riddle had said earlier that while our engine was called back from the Napa fires, things could change with current weather conditions.

For information contact South Pasadena Fire Department at 626-403-7300