South Pasadena Unified School District construction stays on the course

PHOTO: South Pasadena Unified School District | News

SPHS STEM Building                                                                                            Painters finished the northern section of the building exterior and will be painting the southern section soon. Workers installed the flooring and the science laboratory cabinets. Classroom lighting and interior finishes are in progress. During the first week of December, concrete and landscaping will be completed and furniture and equipment will be delivered. The building will be ready for students beginning in January 2019.

SPHS Physical Education and Athletic Facility                                                          Planning for the facility is ongoing. The Division of State Architects is currently reviewing and approving final plans.

SPMS Old Gymnasium Repurposing                                                                  Preconstruction planning is underway for the middle school old gymnasium. The Division of State Architects’ final approval is expected by January 2019. Construction is anticipated to begin by April 2019.

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PHOTO: South Pasadena Unified School District | News