Legally Blonde Jr. Opens Tonight!

Another Opening, Another Show for South Pasadena's Young Stars Theatre

PHOTO: Shari Correll | | Eadan Franklynn and the cast of Legally Blonde Jr. now on stage at Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena

Young Stars Theatre opens Legally Blonde Jr., their second youth membership company production at their Fremont Centre Theatre location. YST’s membership company is a group of youth performers 18 and under, who get invited into the company after completing a production and showing good attitude, commitment, and preparedness. The members are the youth leaders of YST, pay monthly dues, have responsibilities, and receive benefits. One of the major benefits for members is that each year they get to produce their own show under the guidance of YST directors. They direct, choreograph, help with sets, costumes and props, and get a hands-on introduction to most aspects of stage production.

PHOTO: Shari Correll | | The cast of Legally Blonde Jr. sings Oh My God You Guys!

Legally Blonde Jr. is the story of Elle Woods, who at first glance seems to be a ditzy Malibu blonde UCLA student, mostly concerned with fashion and waiting to get engaged to her boyfriend. When he surprises her by breaking up instead, because he needs someone more “serious” before he leaves for Harvard, Elle decides she needs to follow him to Harvard and prove herself to him. What she discovers in her journey surprises everyone– including Elle

PHOTO: Shari Correll | | Mateo Diez and Eadan Franklynn get “Serious” in Legally Blonde Jr.

Legally Blonde Jr. turns the ditzy blonde stereotype on its head by showing the audience that anyone, even blonde girls who major in fashion merchandising, can be strong, intelligent leaders, and that you really can’t judge a book by its blonde cover. A fun, humorous musical that subtly turns into a story of female empowerment, Legally Blonde Jr. is fun for all ages and boasts a talented cast of young people age 6-17.

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The show opens Friday October 27th at 7pm and runs four weekends, with both evening shows and matinees, for a total of 16 performances. Fremont Centre Theatre 1000 Fremont Avenue in South Pasadena. For showtimes and ticketing,as well as more info about YST, visit

PHOTO: Shari Correll |