LA County Homeless Initiative | Join the Fight to House Every Californian

We can pull California out of its current homelessness downward spiral


Show Your Support Today and Urge State Lawmakers to Pass AB 71: Bring California Home

Los Angeles County needs your help to pass AB 71 (Rivas/Chiu/Bloom/Wicks), the Bring California Home Act, which would provide over $2 billion each year in urgently needed new revenue and create, for the first time, a comprehensive statewide solution to homelessness.

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California is facing a mushrooming homelessness and housing catastrophe, fueled by skyrocketing rents and a severe lack of affordable housing, as well as an economic crisis crushing low-wage workers. California has more people experiencing homelessness than any other state in the U.S.

But we can reverse this crisis if AB 71 is enacted into law.

By asking the largest and most profitable corporations doing business in California to pay their fair share, and holding local governments accountable to measurable outcomes, we can pull California out of its current homelessness downward spiral.

Here is a fact sheet detailing the proposal.

AB 71 would fund this statewide solution by reinstating the 1980 corporate tax rate on corporations making more than $5 million per year in profits. AB 71 would also ensure multinational corporations pay taxes on income they make overseas — which they are now able to avoid.

As unemployment has soared and more Californians have been thrown into housing instability and homelessness, this op-ed describes why it makes sense to now ask our wealthiest corporations to chip in to help solve this crisis.


  • Call or email Assembly Members from Los Angeles County and urge them to support AB 71. (Click here for a sample email, then simply select all the text, and copy and paste that text into your own email).
  • Sign on as a supporter by filling out this form before March 8th
  • Send a letter of support on your organization’s letterhead using this portal.