KUBB CLUB | Fall Scramble Tournament

LA Kubb Club Fall Scramble Tournament begins October 2, 2023

Attention local Kubb players, The L.A. Kubb Club Fall Scramble Tournament commences October 2, 2023. There are currently close to 20 players signed up and sign-ups remain open this week. Email organizer Julian Petrillo if you are interested at julian.petrillo@icloud.com

Update from Julian:

• Players will play one assigned match (best-of-three games) every week. The matches aren’t scheduled on a particular day; it’s up to the four players involved to agree on a time they can all play. So if you have to be away for a weekend or a couple days or whatever during a given week, that’s no problem. As long as you can play one match at some point during the week, you’re good.

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• Team partners will be assigned according to results and seeding, which the tourney directors will orchestrate. Each week you’ll have a different partner.

• Have I mentioned there’s no entry fee and it’s gonna be a lot of fun? If you haven’t signed up yet, jump on board — all abilities and ages welcome!