End of Year Letter | SPUSD Superintendent Geoff Yantz

District Superintendent writes to families and the community about another transformative school year

PHOTO: South Pasadena Unified School District | SouthPasadenan.com News | SPUSD Superintendent, Dr. Geoff Yantz

Dear SPUSD Families,

As we wrap up the 2020-2021 school year, we look back on a year of extraordinary changes and uncertainty, but we are fortunate that our actions fighting COVID-19 seem to be lessening the prevalence and severity of the virus. Assuming that this trend continues, we will be in a good place to begin the 2021-2022 school year with a full return to in-person instruction for all grade levels on August 12, 2021.

During some well-deserved time away from school this summer, SPUSD faculty and staff will be realigning with our purpose and educational philosophies, thinking about the fact that many of our students may have been apart from the classroom for an extended period of time. Every part of every student, including their educational success, physical health, emotional well-being, and family and community support will be taken into account as we acquaint ourselves with how the students have all grown and changed. We seek to create a positive environment for students, based upon where they are at the moment, in which they may fully learn and grow in healthy and productive ways.

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This summer, we will begin offering special services for students, funded by the State’s Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant, that will help implement learning recovery programs and address other student needs. Several types of services will be offered including, but not limited to, learning supports, social emotional supports, credit recovery programs, physical well-being, and special training for staff to help address social and emotional wellness. These services will continue to be offered throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

Thanks also for your support, patience, and nimbleness this year. We will provide updates throughout the summer as State and County guidance around a return to in-person instruction is finalized. I hope that you and your families have a wonderful summer break.


Geoff Yantz, Ed.D.