Ellen Daigle, Owner of Ellen’s Silkscreening, Wins Best of Los Angeles Award

The friendly and dependable neighborhood apparel printing shop was opened by Daigle in 1978

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | SouthPasadenan.com News | Ellen Daigle, owner and founder of Ellens Silkscreening in South Pasadena


Ellen Daigle, the owner of Ellen’s Silkscreening, wins Best of Los Angeles Award – “Best Silk Screening Company – 2021”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed five years ago and consists of over 7,400 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places, and things in Los Angeles with the slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

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“The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles, and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. “We’re honored to include Ellen Daigle and her company into our BoLAA family.”

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | SouthPasadenan.com News | Ellen’s Silkscreening in South Pasadena

Ellen Daigle moved from New York City to California in 1960. Initially, she trained as a nurse and spent more than a decade working as an RN. As a single mom, Daigle started Ellen’s Silkscreening in 1978 out of her own garage, with the goal of spending more time with her three daughters.

Through her journey with Ellen’s Silk Screening, Daigle soon discovered that she loved running her own company. Ellen’s Silk Screening specializes in high-quality screen printing and embroidery for their clients. With her natural leadership skills and sales abilities, she has helped her business grow into what it is today.

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | SouthPasadenan.com News | Ellen’s Silkscreening in South Pasadena

Ellen’s Silkscreening, based in South Pasadena, California, now handles clients of all sizes, from local coffee shops to huge colleges and museums. The company handles orders between 24 and 5,000 units regularly on a 7-10 working day turnaround.