BREAKING NEWS: Girl Missing Since Sunday

16-year old South Pasadena girl, India Griffin, is still missing

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence |

Sunday night July 22, 2018 South Pasadena Authorities sought the help in finding 16-year old India Griffin who’d been reported missing by her mother.

India had last been seen in the 1500 block of Bank St. near her home.  It’s still unknown if the the young woman was on foot or in a vehicle.

India Griffin was described as Five Foot, Five inch tall black female weighing 220 lbs as reported by the South Pasadena Police.

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According to South Pasadena Police department as of Monday morning 11:00 am the 16-year old resident is still missing.

Anyone with any information regarding Griffin’s whereabouts to call the South Pasadena Police at (626) 403-7297