Bike Shuttle to South Pasadena Beautiful Garden Tour | South Pas Active Streets

South Pasadena Beautiful Garden Tour is a free community event on March 18 from 1 - 4pm.

PHOTO: Barbara Eisenstein | South News | South Pasadena Beautiful Garden Tour at South Pas Nature Park

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Skip the hassle of parking and come join the Bike Shuttle! 

South Pasadena Beautiful will be holding their annual Garden Tour on Saturday March 18th from 1-4pm at the South Pasadena Arroyo Seco Woodland and Wildlife Park. To reduce congestion and promote an active transportation alternative, South Pas Active Streets will be hosting hourly, all-ages escorted bike rides to and from the event, with a bike valet watching bicycles for those attendees while walking the tour and enjoying the day’s festivities.

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The Bike Shuttle is a safety-in-numbers escort meeting at the “Walking Man” at the South Pasadena Gold Line Station, riding once an hour on the hour to and from the Arroyo. Once at the Arroyo, members of South Pas Active will secure and safeguard bicycles of attendees for the duration of the event, all at no cost. For more information on the Bike Shuttle/Valet, including schedules and route, visit:

About South Pas Active Streets

South Pas Active Streets is a community organization working to strengthen our city by improving walkability and bikeability. Active transportation improves quality of life, contributes to our small town appeal, and is a core pillar of our city’s climate action plan. However, not all areas of South Pasadena are accessible by walking or riding a bike, as city design too often prioritizes speed over safety. We believe that every part of the city should be safe and accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and we aim to achieve that goal through community programs and advocacy.  For more information, please visit