Band Newsletter Number One | First Competition

Written and Produced By Anya Baranets

PHOTO: Noelle Chan | | Drum Majors Mia Alva and Kenneth Schultz, Snare Player Adit Gautam, and Colorgaurd Captains Maya Tanaka and Simon Pierce

On Saturday, October 13, the SPHS Marching Band and Colorguard participated at their first competition at Reuben S. Ayala High School in Chino Hills, CA. The competition, Music In Motion, is the first of 5 competitions that the band will participate in before finals, which are held in Bakersfield, CA. A total of 25 bands participated, and with 105 members, the SPHS Band and Colorguard competed in class 3A against 5 other schools.

PHOTO: Jennifer Song
| | Mia Alva, Kenneth Schultz, and Adit Gautam |

The unfavorable weather that weekend did not prevent any of the shows from taking place, and despite having to perform in the rain, the SPHS Band received a score of 69.35, putting them in 4th place and beating West Covina High School and Bakersfield High School, who came in 5th and 6th place, respectively. Percussion also came in 4th place, receiving a score of 6.80 out of 10 and beating West Covina and Bakersfield as well. The band’s first competition and the score they received was a good start to the marching season, and the hard work and effort put into the show will certainly pay off in future competitions and at finals.

PHOTO: Noelle Chan |