STORM Forecast for Next Week | South Pasadena Fire Department Offers Support

A frost advisory was in affect for many surrounding communities Thursday morning as a blast of winter weather hit the region. South Pasadena will brace itself for another storm this weekend. Despite some downed trees and power lines, local fire department officials say the city weathered the last one in fairly good shape

FILE PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | News | Flash Flood Warnings for Los Angeles County

South Pasadenans are facing some of the coldest weather conditions seen all year, waking up Thursday morning to a 38-degree temperature while anticipating a weekend storm.

With a blast of winter weather, the frost advisory was in effect in many surrounding communities until 9 a.m. as the Los Angeles County of Public Health issued a cold weather alert. Some areas fell below the 32-degree mark, according to county officials.

A storm is expected to arrive in the Southland on Sunday, South Pasadena Fire Department Chief Paul Riddle reminding residents that sandbags to protect their properties from the downfall are available at the station at 817 Mound Avenue.

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Some trees and power lines went down in local neighborhoods, but Riddle says South Pasadena weathered last week’s storm. “Overall, the city did fairly well,” he said. “We did go on several traffic collisions, minor flooding conditions and had a major tree go down in the 300 block of Meridian Avenue.”

The fire chief says it’s a testament to South Pasadena residents in taking the time to clear rain gutters prior to the storm that the city did not suffer further damage.

“It was very active in terms of people utilizing the sandbags that were available to avoid potential flooding conditions,” he said. “All-in-all, the city did very well.”

Riddle is asking residents to limit sandbags to 10 per house household when they are picked up at the fire station. He also noted that shovels are available for use.