913 Magnolia Reflects History and Modern Life

This charming property blends original character with modern functionality.

Tucked away near the corner of Prospect Avenue and Magnolia Street rests a circa 1925 retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Sporting a drought tolerant landscape and an open feel, this recently listed home combines historic architecture and details – with a modern-feeling backyard recreation and entertainment area.

The main house is a historic 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with original hardwood floors. Architectural details abound – like the domed dining room ceiling, the nicely arched doorways, and the original arched “phone nook”. There is a period fireplace in the living room. Additionally, the kitchen cabinets appear to be original as well, and then there is the cabinet where an ironing board used to pop out from the wall. This cabinet in the kitchen is now converted to a spice rack – more consistent with modern living.

PHOTO: Carson Turner | The kitchen at 913 Magnolia Street showing original cabinets.

The home has clearly been lightly lived in and well preserved – given it’s 95 year history. There are also improvements and modern conveniences – for example the washer and dryer space and the nicely updated (while keeping the historic feel) front bathroom.

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Listing agent Kimberly Turner with Dilbeck Real Estate describes the home as follows, “This 1925 Spanish Revival Bungalow has details we often find in much grander larger properties. The ironwork around the front bedroom window, the cozy entryway with delicate window, and the wall nook detail welcome you when you come inside. The arched opening fireplace mirroring the arched nooks in the living room, all the original windows, the crystal doorknobs and built-in cabinets in the halls and breakfast room, give one a sense that the home has been loved. But the ‘blow away feature’ has to be the converted garage and how it relates to the existing house and all the outside decking, garden wall and cleverly hidden storage options.”

PHOTO: Derek Vaughan | SouthPasadenan.com News | Listing agent Kimberly Turner in front of the period fireplace at 913 Magnolia Street.

During warm weather such as we are currently experiencing – one can open the original windows to let the outside come in. The addition of a few deck spaces and the sound of the four fountains gurgling, adds a tranquility and softness to the interior spaces. The fountains are all included with the home for the new owner. There are decks on both sides of the structure, lending ample opportunity to view the greenery and outdoor spaces.

PHOTO: Carson Turner | Bedroom at 913 Magnolia Street

Ms. Turner explained, “This bungalow perfectly balances the interior spaces with the exterior spaces. Nicely positioned on a smaller lot – every room has direct access to outside spaces where tranquil fountains run. The white rock carpeted back garden takes you away to a feeling like you are in the Mediterranean. The upgraded converted garage with its glass to glass clearstory corner and contemporary wooden paneling add a smart juxtaposition to the traditional Spanish home. The sellers slowly added to their front and rear gardens over the years, finding special cacti to plant and adding a new fountain here or there. Even the mirrors positioned strategically play tricks or show you things. Sit on the built-in bench in the back garden, look up and find a beautiful tree in the reflection above the eves of the garage roof. A dramatic white stucco sculptural frame honors the base of the Oak Tree and at that point transitions the more traditional stucco garden walls to the built in wood plank walls. All this is done in a way that gives the visitor a thought of “yes of course” that is just what it should be, but how it was devised or thought is just magic.”

The rear of the home is drought tolerant as well – and offers a generous entertainment space under a canopy of mature shade trees. The garage space has been improved to serve a dual purpose: it is fully functional as a garage space – as well as being modernized for use as an office or study. This adds a tasteful touch of modern sensibility to the home.

PHOTO: Carson Turner | Backyard entertainment space with re-imagined and modernized garage.

913 Magnolia Street is currently being offered for sale with a listing price of $1,200,000. The listing agent is Kimberly Turner with Dilbeck Real Estate. This home is now available for viewing by appointment only.

PHOTO: Carson Turner | Garage detail at 913 Magnolia Street.


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