Your Feet! Not All Shoes are Created Equal & Lucha’s Offers Only the Best

Lucha’s Comfort Footwear in South Pasadena is the real deal when it comes to taking care of your feet in a fashionable way.

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News | Lucha's Comfort Footwear has a wide selection of shoes to choose from

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we tend to focus on the obvious. Am I eating well? Drinking enough water? How’s my hair? We may even prioritize how we look over how we feel, spending the most energy and care on our skin, our faces— our most visible features! But what about our less visible, but no less worthy, aspects?

The lowest part of our bodies may be what we also give the least attention to: our feet! But our feet are always there for us, supporting not only our entire bodies, but withstanding the force of gravity as well. Talk about being under pressure!

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News | Lucha’s Comfort Footwear features shoes found nowhere else

While we might forget our most hard-working extremities, the people at Lucha’s Comfort Footwear have not. They understand that you can only stay healthy and active with the right support, and they’re here to help you find that.

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With friendly staff educated in a variety of orthopedic concerns, you’re sure to find the pair of shoes that’s right for you. There are also two highly-trained, certified pedorthists on staff who are available to make special shoe modifications and orthotics, should you have any particular concerns.

At Lucha’s, the goal is not only to provide knowledge and understanding of how to achieve greater foot comfort and good health, but to offer a variety of shoes that can do just that.

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News | Lucha’s Comfort Footwear in South Pasadena

A significant part of how Lucha’s delivers on this is how they understand their product. Quality is key. Before any shoes are carried in the store they are first researched extensively to see if their manufacturing process is in line with Lucha’s values, so that any shoes they carry use only natural dyes, and are free of any harmful chemicals that the foot is only too vulnerable to absorbing. The shoes they offer are selected for their high craftsmanship, from their support and shock-absorbency to their durability and comfort.

Not all shoes are created equal, and Lucha’s offers only the best.

Offering fine shoes is not just their only goal. Their aim of serving the community starts with making you feel welcome, and meeting everyone who comes in the door with a desire to help.

Owner Lucia Wiltrout knows that anything worth doing is worth sharing, and has seen generations of customers come in with their parents, children, and grandchildren, and return time and time again.

Robert L., a customer of over thirty years, described visiting the shop for the first time at its original location on Mission Street, after trying a number of different chef’s clogs that failed to feel comfortable, after his mother mentioned buying shoes there. Upon first arriving he said it was “like coming home to family, from day one”, citing Lucia’s warm personality and infallible memory, as well as the dream shoes he finally found.

His story is one of many from people who have discovered Lucha’s and made it their sole source for soles. But just because utility is prized doesn’t mean that aesthetics fall by the wayside. At Lucha’s Comfort Footwear, function and beauty go hand in hand— or perhaps we should say walk side by side.

Their wide range of styles is sure to catch your eye. They also have an extensive array of novelty print socks for men and women, which make an excellent gift or a perfect accent of color to your own ensemble; they also offer the more understated but no less useful relatives, the athletic sock, the compression sock, and the non-binding sock. Whatever your needs are, you’re sure to have them covered at Lucha’s.

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News | Lucha’s Comfort Footwear in South Pasadena
 Lucha’s Comfort Footwear is located at 921 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030