Vacation Safety Provided

Fill out a ‘Vacation Check Request’ form at the South Pasadena Police Department. Officers will provide extra patrol for your home while you’re away

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | The South Pasadena Police Department provides some safety tips to protect your home while you are away on vacation.

It’s summer, a hot one indeed, and South Pasadena residents will be jetting and traveling by car to vacation spots all over the world.

While you might be enjoying a piña colada with an umbrella in it, climbing a scenic mountain top or sailing somewhere far away in the ocean, someone could be lurking around your residence.

Richard Lee, the crime prevention unit officer for the South Pasadena Police Department, likes to remind vacationers to secure their property before they leave. “Don’t let a burglar ruin your summer,” he cautioned.

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Here are some of Lee’s favorite tips to secure your property while you’re gone:

  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Activate house alarms and make sure alarm signs are clearly visible both day and night.
  • Always make your home appear occupied by using timers and lights, radios and televisions. Set timers to turn on the same time you would normally turn on a light, radio and TV during the day.
  • Have your landscaping maintained while you are away.
  • Leave emergency contact numbers with a neighbor.
  • Have a neighbor check your home for deliveries or flyers left on your front door.
  • Fill out a “Vacation Check Request” form at the police department or online through the police website. Officers will provide extra patrol for your home while you are away.

“Remember that burglars don’t take vacations,” stressed Lee. “They are always looking for home to break into.”