The Spirit of 2008 Still Going Strong | South Pasadena High School Ten Year Reunion

Written and Produced by Cameron Picardi

PHOTO: Cameron Picardi | | The 10 year reunion of the class of 2008

This past weekend the South Pasadena High School class of 2008 came together to celebrate our 10-year reunion. The turnout was solid but we were definitely missing many of our classmates.

The reunion, spearheaded by ‘08 Alums John Adamson and Cody Carpenter, was a great demonstration of what our community can do when we work together. (See: awesome stuff)

The Burke-Triolo Family, active participants in the SP community, graciously allowed us to use their studio at 538 Mission Street for the celebration. The studio space, with open-floor plan and vaulted ceilings, makes for a great venue to mix and mingle. It’s no wonder why it is one of the key stops in the Eclectic Music Festival & Arts Crawl.

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Catering for the event was provided by our local restaurateurs – The Fatas. Charlie’s Trio’s spread of lasagna, fried chicken, and garlic bread kept the energy levels up, and the party going til’ the wee hours of the morning.

Initial conversations at the event were pretty much about the trepidation many of us felt over attending the reunion. But once we got past that awkward feeling things flowed nicely.

Our class’ Commissioner of Noontime, Charles Dennis, was in attendance and helped us jump back into the groove of things by playing some awesome throwbacks.

PHOTO: Cameron Picardi | | Class of ’08 revelers.

Once the lights dimmed we got our dancing shoes on for the Cha Cha Slide and to ‘Superman that…’ oh, well, you know the rest. The nostalgic scene felt like a snippet pulled from one of our high school dances – amazing.

The vibe of this reunion was chill, and the execution of it was flawless. Hopefully we all made some new memories that can keep us pumping along until the next time we see each other.

For more information on SPHS class reunions, and alumni relations, be sure to check out our SPHS Alumni Association. (

PHOTO: Cameron Picardi | | Courtney Jeong and Vincent Uribe