SPPD Weekly Crime Summary | March 7 – 13, 2023

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | South Pasadena Police Department

(Hundred block given in place of exact address)

The Weekly Crime Summary is a list of reported auto thefts, burglaries, robberies and other activities occurring in the City of South Pasadena. An alert and well-informed citizen makes you less of a target to a criminal. Remember: call the South Pasadena Police Department to report any suspicious activity.


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3-11-23, 4:20 AM, Monterey/Marengo. Victim is walking on the street when suspect exits from a parked vehicle. Suspect approaches victim, points a gun, and demands loss. Victim complies and suspect enters parked vehicle and drives away. LOSS: Purse. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Large, 4-dr., SUV. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, “chunky” build, wearing a black hoodie jacket, sunglasses and shorts.


• 2-28-23, 10:35 AM to 7:30 AM, 200 block of Cedar Crest (garage). Suspect(s) enters victim’s unlocked detached garage and takes loss. LOSS: Bicycles.

• 3-8-23, 10:18 PM to 3-9-23, 7:45 AM, 900 block of Arroyo (garage). Suspect(s) enters victim’s opened detached garage and takes loss. LOSS: Bicycle.

• 3-13-23, midnight to 6:30 AM, 300 block of Pasadena (garage). Suspect(s) enters victim’s unlocked detached garage and takes loss. LOSS: Electric bicycle.


• 3-8-23, 3:13 AM, 1300 block of Monterey (St. James Church). Suspect smashes a window to gain entry. LOSS: Unknown. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, White or Hispanic, wearing a baseball cap, long sleeve jacket, pants, carrying a satchel around his shoulder and pulling a rolling backpack.

• 3-3-23, 12:44 AM, 1500 block of Fremont (Holy Family Church). Suspect(s) enters through an unlocked door and takes loss from a classroom. LOSS: Violin, ID card and photos.


• 3-7-23, 3:00 PM to 3-8-23, 6:30 AM, 2000 block of Cambridge. ’07 Toyota Prius. Suspect cuts and remove loss from victim’s vehicle. LOSS: Catalytic converter.

• 3-7-23, 5:00 PM to 3-8-23, 10:00 AM, 2000 block of Meridian. ’08 Toyota Prius. Suspect(s) cut and remove loss from victim’s vehicle. LOSS: Catalytic converter.

• 3-9-23, 10:40 AM to 10:44 AM, 900 block of Fair Oaks (Rite Aid). Suspect takes loss and leaves store without paying. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, White, 60 years, thin build, wearing a black cap, white t-shirt, and blue jeans. LOSS: Soft drink beverage.

• 3-2-23, 1:00 PM to 3-9-23, 10:00 AM, 700 block of Bonita. ’99, Honda Accord. Suspect(s) cut and remove loss from victim’s vehicle. LOSS: Catalytic converter.

• 3-9-23, 1:58 PM, 1700 block of Garfield (Ralphs). Suspects distract victim and take loss. LOSS: Wallet.

• 7-1-18 to 6-30-23, 1400 block of Mission. Suspects take loss from city property. LOSS: Water service equipment.

• 3-9-23, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, 1700 block of State. Suspect(s) cut locks and take loss from victim’s carport. LOSS: Bicycle.

• 3-9-23, 2:30 PM, 1400 block of El Centro. ’21 Subaru Crosstrek. Suspect enters victim’s unlocked vehicle and takes loss. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, White or Hispanic, 25 – 35 years, 180 lbs, wearing a gray beanie cap. LOSS: Metal storage container, first aid kit.

• 3-13-23, 7:50 PM, 900 block of Fair Oaks (Rite Aid). Suspect enters store and takes loss. Suspect then exits store without paying for loss. LOSS: Body wash. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, with a half-shaved head down the middle of the head, wearing black clothing and carrying a backpack.


• 3-3-23 to 3-4-23. Victim receives several emails from suspect claiming to be PayPal. Victim calls the number on email and suspect tells victim that victim’s account has been compromised and instructs victim to download an app. Victim complies and suspect is able to mirror victim’s phone. Suspect then transfers loss from victim’s account.

• 3-9-23. Suspect(s) gains access to victim’s crypto currency account and makes several unauthorized transfers.

• 3-1-23 to 3-13-23. Suspect(s) uses victim’s personal information to open a bank account.


• 3-10-23, 5 PM to 11:15 PM, 200 block of St. Albans. ’12, Dodge Caravan. Recovered on 3-11-23 by Whittier PD.

• 3-9-23, 11 PM to 3-12-23, 5 AM, 1600 block of Amberwood. ’21, Toyota Venza. Recovered on 3-12-23 by Mesquite PD.

• 3-11-23, 6 PM to 3-12-23, 12 PM, 1900 block of Primrose. ’66, Ford Mustang.


3-8-23, 6:30 PM, Grevelia/Fair Oaks. Officers respond to a subject passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle on the street. Officers locate subject who is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, Hispanic, 55 years, Alhambra.


Injury Traffic Collision

• 3-10-23, 11:30 AM, Monterey/Meridian.

Non-injury Traffic Collision

• 3-8-23, 6 PM, 200 block of Camino Del Sol, hit-and-run.

• 3-9-23, 1:50 AM, 400 block of Fremont.

• 3-10-23, 2:15 PM, 800 block of Mission.

• 3-11-23, 3:26 PM, Fair Oaks/110 freeway.

• 3-13-23, 4:30 PM, Fremont/Alhambra.

• 3-13-23, 4:12 PM, 1500 block of Diamond, hit-and-run.

• 3-13-23, 9:49 PM, 300 block of Orange Grove.