SPPD Weekly Crime Summary | July 26 – August 1, 2022

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | South Pasadena Police Department

(Hundred block given in place of exact address)

The Weekly Crime Summary is a list of reported auto thefts, burglaries, robberies and other activities occurring in the City of South Pasadena. An alert and well-informed citizen makes you less of a target to a criminal. Remember: call the South Pasadena Police Department to report any suspicious activity.


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•  7-25-22, 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM, 1400 block of Fremont (South Pasadena High School). Suspect(s) take unsecured loss from bicycle rack. LOSS: Bicycle.

• 7-26-22, 5:30 PM to 7-27-22, 8:00 AM, 1600 block of Milan. ’21 Subaru Ascent, ’19 Honda CR-V. Suspect(s) take loss from victim’s vehicle and ransacks another. LOSS: Tennis racket, sunglasses (recovered).

• 7-23-22, 6 PM to 7-24-22, 9 AM, 1600 block of Spruce. ’17, Audi. Suspect(s) takes loss from victim’s vehicle. LOSS: License plates.

• 7-26-22, 10:00 PM to 7-27-22, 2:42 PM, 1700 block of Grevelia. Kia Sorrento. Suspect(s) take loss from victim’s unlocked vehicle. LOSS: Miscellaneous items.

• 7-27-22, 7:11 PM, 1200 block of Fair Oaks (Pavilions). Suspect takes loss and leaves store without paying. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, White, 50 years, wearing a blue shirt, green shorts, red backpack. LOSS: Alcohol (recovered).

• 7-28-22, 9:50 AM to 12:00 PM, Mound/Mission. Suspect(s) remove lock and take loss. LOSS: Bicycle.

• 7-30-22, 8:38 AM, 900 block of Fair Oaks (Rite Aid). Suspect takes loss and leaves store without paying. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, Black, 25 years, wearing a black baseball cap, black sunglasses, black shirt, black backpack. LOSS: Alcohol.

• 8-1-22, 11:05 AM, 900 block of Fair Oaks (Rite Aid). Suspect takes loss and leaves store without paying. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, White, 36 years. LOSS: Lotion, coffee.


• 8-1-22, 9:49 AM. Suspect(s) use victim’s information to open an account and makes an unauthorized transaction.

• 7-26-22, 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. Suspect instructs victim to cash a fraudulent check. Victim complies and the check later bounces.

• 8-1-22, 12:00 AM to 3:29 PM, 1000 block Fair Oaks (Wells Fargo). Suspect(s) use victim’s information and make an unauthorized withdrawal.

• 8-1-22, 12:00 AM to 5:53 PM 1000 block of Fair Oaks (Wells Fargo). Suspect(s) use victim’s information and make an unauthorized withdrawal.


7-29-22, 11:00 AM, 2000 block of Hanscom. Suspect and victim are neighbors and suspect hits and threatens to kill victim. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, White, 70 years, South Pasadena.


7-25-22, 8:30 AM to 7-27-22, 6:00 PM, 900 block of Lyndon. Suspect(s) gain entry into victim’s residence by entering a bathroom window. LOSS: Unknown.


• 7-28-22, 4 PM to 7-29-22, 5 AM, Grevelia/Brent. ’20, Kia Sorento. Suspect(s) enter victim’s vehicle by unknown means and takes loss. LOSS: Firearm.

• 7-26-22, 7:00 PM to 7-27-22, 8:30 AM, 1700 block of Grevelia. ’15 BMW 228i. Suspect(s) enters victim’s vehicle by unknown means and take loss. Suspect(s) makes several unauthorized transactions with victim’s credit cards. LOSS: Laptop, wallet, driver’s license, bank cards, miscellaneous cards, U.S. currency.


7-31-22, 10:28 AM, Huntington/Fremont. Suspect and victim are involved in a road rage incident and suspect throws a cup of liquid at victim’s vehicle. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, Asian, 41 years, Corona.


• 7-26-22, 1:33 PM, 600 block of Stoney (Arroyo Park). Suspect vandalizes walls with a marker. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, Hispanic, 24 years.

• 7-27-22, 7:44 PM, El Centro/Indiana. Suspect throws rocks at a parked vehicle. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, Hispanic, 30 years, wearing a red baseball cap, baseball jersey, black shorts.


• 7-29-22, 2:30 PM to 7-30-22, 1:00 PM, 600 block of Monterey. ’16 Polaris Ranger.

• 7-29-22, 9:00 PM to 7-30-22, 12:09 PM, 400 block of Hawthorne (attempt). ’18 Hyundai Elantra. Suspect(s) pry door lock to gain entry, then pry ignition but fail to start vehicle.


7-28-22, 11:35 PM, 1000 block of Park (Garfield Park). Officers respond to a call regarding a subject refusing to leave a restroom and find suspect to be in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, White, 26 years, transient.


7-30-22, 1:45 AM, 1100 block of Diamond. Suspect pours a liquid, possibly urine on V1’s front porch and on V2’s gate and planter. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Female, White, 40-50 years, wearing a black jacket, black pants, white boots and red handkerchief around mouth and neck.


Non-injury Traffic Collision

• 7-30-22, 11:19 PM, Diamond/Mission.

• 7-28-22, 8:27 AM, 700 block of Mission

Injury Traffic Collision

• 7-29-22, 11:15 PM, 110 Freeway/Arroyo Seco Parkway