SPPD Warns: Slow Down! | Large Uptick in Speeding

As roads empty as a result of the coronavirus, speeds have increased on South Pasadena city streets

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | Officer Jeffrey Holland of the South Pasadena Police Department

As the coronavirus empties streets, speeders are hitting the gas pedal with stronger force.

A message is coming from the South Pasadena Police Department to “take a second and slow down – please remember to practice safe driving to prevent accidents!”

Officer Jeff Holland, a member of the South Pasadena Police force who patrols the city on motorcycle, insists traffic safety laws cannot be ignored.

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“Slow down and drive like you are supposed to,” said Holland. “Obey the law!  Just because there is a pandemic/virus going around doesn’t mean it’s a free for all.”

The highest speeds in town, noted Holland, are mostly on major roadways – Fair Oaks, Monterey, Huntington, Fremont, Mission, Orange Grove, and Meridian.

Not only is speeding an issue, but motorists talking on their cellphones while driving is another major concern, said Holland.

While traffic has lightened since the pandemic began, he says at certain parts of day there are a fair amount of cars traveling on South Pasadena streets. However, when streets are near empty it’s tempting drivers to shift into high gear.

“Speed has increased due to the light amount of traffic,” said Holland.  “Driver’s think since there is less traffic out and they can drive any way they want.”

According to Reuters, in London and Los Angeles police have clocked drivers reaching speeds over 100 miles per hour.

“Traffic laws are still being enforced in South Pasadena,” stressed Holland.

Vehicle traffic has decreased, yet pedestrian traffic has increased with many more walkers and cyclists enjoying the outdoors. Holland insists they need to follow the law as well, urging people to use crosswalks and avoid jaywalking while stressing the importance of those on bikes to abide by the rules of the road.